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I just want to tell you how happy I am with my new mattress.  It arrived exactly as stated, and best of all, it did not require weeks of "out-gassing" to remove odors.  In fact, right out of the box, there were no odors at all!  This was a welcome surprise.  I've spent the last three weeks traveling and sleeping very comfortably on the new mattress.  
Your mattresses should be an option in all Airstream trailers!
Thanks again for a well made, and made in the USA, product.
Very Satisfied Customer,
Mary Guinn
Lancaster, TX

Incredible Boat Mattress
The boat mattress you made for us is incredible. I mean it is absolutely awesome! We got exactly what you told us we would get and the wife and I could not be happier. Now, I am going to sell a whole bunch of these mattresses for you to my friends.

New Orleans, LA

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After traveling in my RV throughout the holidays I came to realize just how much I truly appreciate my custom mattress from Rocky Mountain Mattress. I got it more than a year ago and still enjoy it! I wanted you to know that I just purchased my second online. This one will be a Cloudcroft king. Y'all make a high quality product and you make it right here in the US.
I couldn't ask for more. Thank you.

Joe J.
Prairieville, LA

A testimonial from
Dave, I just had to let you know that I cannot believe that you were able to send our custom cut Sensus memory foam topper and custom-sized Bamboo cover so quickly.
I was literally in shock when I looked out the window this afternoon to see the Fedex truck in my driveway. We placed the order last Thursday and not even one week later you were able to deliver a custom sized product with a matching cover!
We will definitely shop with you again!

Malba C.
Montalba, TX

A testimonial from Kathy H.
Hi Dave,

Love the queen Sunrise 8 inch mattress – have not had a back ache since I started sleeping on it!

Kathy H.
Corona, CA

(This is a follow up to a previous order for a custom-sized mattress placed a few months ago.)

Kathy H.

A testimonial from
Just wanted to say thanks for the quick service. I ordered on the 5th and sent the template to your warehouse that night. My custom Airstream Sunrise 8" mattresses arrived on the 12th! Happy with those results.

Greg H.
Memphis, TN

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We received our new Sundance mattress yesterday and already we felt the differences in our bodies when we woke up this morning. My chiropractor had recommended a memory foam mattress and now I understand why. The physical comfort is immediately noticeable! I am looking forward to the next few weeks and months as our bodies slowly unkink from our old bed, and we luxuriate in the awesome comfort of our new Sundance bed. No more spring mattresses or cheap futons! We spend about a third of each day sleeping, so clearly an investment in a supportive bed will make a great positive impact on the long term health of our bodies. Thanks, Rocky Mountain, for being part of that investment and for providing excellent customer care. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family.

Jenny H.
San Luis Obispo, CA
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A few months ago, I purchased a mattress from you for my 5th wheel RV trailer. I just love it! It is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on!

Linda F.
Walla Walla, WA

A testimonial from
I recently purchased a memory foam mattress for our fifth wheel trailer from RMM, and I must tell you how pleased I am, both with the service and with the product. My custom made mattress arrived at my address in 12 calendar days! This is amazing! The mattress fits perfectly and is wonderfully comfortable. I would recommend Rocky Mountain Mattress company to anyone looking for a good night sleep!

Kathy M.
Pittsburgh, PA

A testimonial from
I just had to say how much I like the tri fold guest bed. It is extremely comfortable, not hard or noisy and cold like the air mattresses. I recommend the Rocky Mountain Mattress tri fold guest bed, so easy to store and super comfy!

Marty B.
San Jose, CA

A testimonial from

I wanted to get back to you and let you know that I absolutely love the 8 inch Sunrise memory foam mattress! When I am ready for the queen size, I will be in touch.

Thanks again for the great job.

Kathy H.
Corona, CA

A testimonial from
Wanted to let you know our natural latex topper has arrived. It is wonderful and has no strong odor! Very pleased! Fast shipment as well!

DeAndrea Q.
Swansea, IL

A testimonial from
I received the medium plush natural latex topper and I love it. I just love it! Thanks for everything.

Karin D.
San Francisco, CA

A testimonial from
I recently purchased a 2" natural latex mattress topper from you. It has been the best purchase I have made in a long time! It has eased a lot of aches and pains, and my sleep is much improved. I am a big fan!

Becky R.
Memphis, TN

A testimonial from Zack D.
I spent more than three months shopping for a new bed to help alleviate my back pain and help me sleep better. After testing out numerous types of beds I decided that memory foam was the most supportive and comfortable. I was somewhat discouraged however at the high cost of most memory foam beds and began to price shop. Upon finding the Rocky Mountain Mattress web site I was very pleased with the web site and all of their available product information. I found the exact bed I was looking for at a fraction of the retail cost. The support staff was very responsive and answered all of my questions making sure I was confident with my purchase. The warranty and guarantee they offer eliminated any of my concerns knowing it was a risk-free purchase. The bed was delivered very quickly. I am happy to say that my expectations were exceeded in every aspect. The bed is of the highest quality available. My back pain has gone away after only a few short nights of sleeping on my new bed. Thank you for a seamless transaction and superior product. Your prices are unbeatable. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Zack D.
Gilbert, AZ
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Zack D.

A testimonial from
I just wanted to say thank you, we received the mattress and are ecstatic with it! We replaced our Tempur-pedic mattress that had been damaged with the Sundance 10″ on our Tempurpedic adjustable base, and it works wonderfully. I also wanted to let you know, that having slept on a Tempurpedic for a few years, that your mattress is not only “as good”, I think it’s BETTER. Thank you for the excellent price, the fantastic friendly service, and shipping. But most of all, thank you for the GREAT mattress! I’ve slept wonderfully since receiving it. Sincerely,

Myra (and Robert) A.
Port Orange, FL

A testimonial from Alan D.
We love our new RV mattress. In fact, we like it so much that we purchased one of your Queen memory foam mattress for our home this week. Previously, when using our “Sleep Number Bed” – my wife was often waking up with headaches in the mornings and I often had aches in my shoulders and lower neck. But, we didn’t experience any of these symptoms on the mattress we ordered from you. I can’t explain exactly why this was – except that the memory-foam and other support foam in your mattress seemed to generally spread our body weight out more evenly than the ‘Sleep Number Bed’ – - “giving” where it needed to (probably due to the memory-foam), yet evenly “supporting” elsewhere. All-in-all, it seems to be a pretty great arrangement.

Alan D.
Fallbrook, California
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Alan D.

A testimonial from
Got the mattress yesterday. Opened it up, let it relax, and tried it out. Looks like it will suit our needs just great. Thanks, again, for the timely response to our questions, and for the prompt and efficient way in which you filled our order. I will be recommending Rocky Mountain Mattress to the Chris Craft company for any other customers that need a similar type replacement for their v-berth.

Jack C.
Saline, MI

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Hi RMM, I received the new 8″ memory foam mattress and installed it yesterday in my Airstream. It fits perfectly and is at least twice the weight of the old mattress and 100 times more comfortable. I thought it was too small until I cut open the shipping bag when it expanded like a marshmallow. Thanks again for your help. Now the Airstream has the mattress it should come with from the factory!!!

Louis B.
Shreveport, LA

A testimonial from
THANK YOU FOR THE LATEX TOPPER!!!!! We tried it out and it is really wonderful. It fixed the problems we were having with a supposedly quality mattress, and we are very, very happy. It’s nice to know there’s an option for success in an industry that is very haphazard in its guidelines and marketing.

Lynne M.
Logan, UT

A testimonial from
In September 2009, I did an extensive search for a new queen size mattress for our motor home. The two year old mattress that came in the RV was killing my back. I hated to travel because of the bad sleep I would have. Due to chronic lower back pain, I was prepared to invest in what was supposedly the top of the line memory foam mattress. After trying them out in a local store, I got on line and found Rocky Mountain Mattress. Andrew helped me put together a custom 9″ mattress that would be good for my back, yet fit in the limited 9″ height space available in the motor home. The best part is that it was roughly 1/3 the price of Brand-T, or is that Brand-X? Two weeks later the mattress arrived. I used it on a business trip the next few nights and slept better than I do at home on our sleep number bed. My wife and I have taken two more trips since the first one with the same results. The only problem I now have is getting her out of bed in the mornings! The mattress is so comfortable. The good part is my back doesn’t hurt when I wake up in the morning. This past week, I ordered 4 more mattresses from RMM: 1 custom to replace the sleep number bed, 1 other custom, and two standard beds. I guess you could say we are convinced you have a fine product and at a reasonable price. Thanks for the prompt handling of our orders.

Charlie N.
Austin, TX
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A testimonial from
Rocky Mountain Mattress, We ordered a Natural Latex Mattress Topper (3 inch queen size). How wonderful it is. I cannot believe it feels so great and comfortable. I sleep like a log now. It feels new every night I go to bed. I never have the dents in the mattress that is common with most mattresses. My replaced hips used to feel so painful on a regular mattress but now I am in heaven. Thank You, Thank You.

Shay W.
Manzanita, OR

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I received my custom Airstream twin mattress today. I was amazed that Fedex delivered the first mattress in less than 48 hours from shipping. The mattress fits the curved end of the Airstream perfectly. The quality of the CoolMax mattress cover is excellent. The mattress is far more comfortable than the original Airstream-supplied innerspring. I think it is more comfortable than our queen at home which is a 4″ memory foam over a high-quality pillow top. Thanks for working with me on this custom order!

John I.
Austin, TX

A testimonial from
We absolutely love our RMM custom mattress we ordered for our motor home–much, much nicer than the Tempurpedic that we sleep on at home (and cooler).

Cathy S.
North Plains, OR

A testimonial from
I bought my first memory foam mattress through another store dealer this year. I liked it so much that when I needed a custom size mattress for my van/camper project I searched the net for a custom memory foam mattress company.
I found that Rocky Mountain Mattress made custom-sized memory foam mattresses and offered free shipping. Their prices were also hundreds of dollars less than the other store's mattresses I had seen earlier this year.
I called a sales person and gave them my info and specs for a custom mattress. It arrived in less than two weeks, as promised. I tried it out and found that it is equal to or better than the store bought mattress. I will buy from them again in the future.

R. Fraser
Antrim, New Hampshire

A testimonial from
I have been using the Brighton mattress for a month now and I am glad I made a correct decision. I surfed the net for 3 months before finally deciding to buy the Brighton. I am very happy to have this wonderful mattress, which has helped me have a more deep sleep without tossing and turning. My backache has gone and I feel energized the whole day.

Thank you so much for producing a wonderful product.

Mumbai, India

A testimonial from
Hi Dave, We received the mattress in fine shape and slept on it last night. Excellent! Very pleased.

This is the closest thing to a Tempurpedic Classic we have found and not like anything else Tempurpedic sells with it’s newer models which we distinctly don’t like. I want to thank you for expediting the delivery especially as it looks like it was over-nighted to us. Excellent customer service. We will recommend your product to everyone we meet for RV and home use. Our son has a king-size mattress from another producer and is not the equivalent of a Tempurpedic Classic.

Mike and Joyce Cloud
Nashville, TN

A testimonial from
Our custom sized Rendezvous is awesome. It came in exactly the right size and we love sleeping on it.

Paul W.
Denver, CO

A testimonial from Susan P.
Wanted to let you know we received the mattress (custom sized 7 inch Latex Mattress) and tested it out the other night. I am pleased to say, it is very comfortable and the perfect size!

Susan P.
Sausalito, CA
A testimonial from Margaret
Hi, this is John and Margaret R. I am emailing to let you know that I will be ordering two more Twin Pomarelle 7 inch mattresses from you today. This will be our 3rd purchase from your company and we will soon own four total Rocky Mountain Mattress beds. We first ordered a custom mattress for a project in our guest room with Murphy bed and your custom mattress was just perfect, much better than anything we saw or tried in stores. After we received the custom mattress for our guest room my son came to stay and said it was the most comfortable mattress he had ever slept on. So, I slept in the guest room for a week and that was all it took. Later that year, I bought a king adjustable bed because I have had 2 back surgeries and the adjustable bed company said we absolutely could not have a foam mattress for an adjustable bed. So, we bought what they recommended and it was totally uncomfortable, hurt my back, and the very next day I tried to exchange it and was refused. So, I was stuck with a $1,000.00 loss. I then tried Tempurpedic and found that was like sleeping on a rock, but at least I was allowed to return that. I then called your company and discussed the adjustable bed issue and they assured me I could use a Rocky Mountain Pomarelle 7 inch memory foam mattress with it. So, I ordered my extra long twin for my adjustable bed and have been in heaven ever since. Your service is great. Your help in what to select was wonderful. Delivery was prompt. I am a very critical to detail when it comes to shopping for companies I am going to spend money with. I expect the best, and if I get it, I will see to it everyone I come into contact will know. So, here is my testimonial - I will be calling later today with my order for 2 more Pomarelle 7 inch memory foam mattresses!.. Read Full

A testimonial from Liz Walton
I am very happy with our new latex mattress topper from Rocky Mountain Mattress, excellent product at an excellent price. I do not often buy from web sites however the prompt, courteous and professional customer service I received from Rocky Mountain Mattress won me over. I have spoken with Dave several times and am so pleased with the product and service that I am ordering a second topper for a different bed. My husband and I purchased a new Simmons mattress about a year ago and it was so firm that I would wake up stiff and sore on a regular basis. My husband gets very hot at night and he was always waking up in a sweat. The latex topper was the answer to both our problems. Since the first nights sleep, I have not been stiff or sore in the morning and my husband has not gotten overly warm. We call our new topper "The Cloud" as we feel like we are sleeping on one. We highly recommend the Rocky Mountain Mattress product and are extremely pleased with the outstanding customer service we have received. Buy from this company, you will not regret it!

San Rafael, CA.. Read Full

Liz Walton

A testimonial from Michelle Martin
I purchased an antique bed frame a few years ago and couldn't find a mattress to fit. It was bigger than a twin, smaller than a double/full and not a three quarter size. The measurements were 49 by 71. I searched on the Internet for several months trying to find a company that could make a mattress that would fit the wooden frame. I kept coming back to Rocky Mountain Mattress, and finally sent an email. Dave was kind enough to call and inquire as to my needs. After corresponding with Dave for a few days, I chose to order my mattress. When the mattress arrived, I was extremely pleased with how well it fit. It is very comfortable as well. Thank you very much for the wonderful mattress. I now have the spare bedroom I was looking for. Thanks again for all your help,

Michelle Martin

Olympia, WA.. Read Full

Michelle Martin