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Additional Information on Memory Foam Mattress

Sensus Memory Foam - 5lb

Caring properly for your memory foam mattress or topper will ensure your product's longevity, providing you with years of comfort and relaxation. Please pay attention to these instructions for unpacking, setting up, and taking care of your new mattress or topper. Thank you.

Unpacking Your Memory Foam Product

Your memory foam product arrives in a standard shipping box. To reduce shipping costs and increase user-friendliness your memory foam product has been compressed. When opening the shipping box do not use sharp objects which may cut into your product. Once the box is open you will find your product has been placed into a plastic bag to keep the item clean. Remove the entire product in the bag from the box and then remove the plastic bag by hand.

At this point we recommend you allow the foam to acclimate to room temperature before "un-rolling." This precaution is especially important during colder months. Although, your memory foam product is durable, it is temperature sensitive and can be brittle in the compressed state, therefore tearing more easily when cold. Once the item has started expanding to its normal shape and size then you can start to gently unroll/unfold the item using a slow, steady, uniform pulling motion. If you encounter resistence, just stop and let the product acclimate to room temparature a bit longer. In a short amount of time (24 hours at most), your product will expand to full size andshape. It is now ready for use!

Care and Use

Memory foam can be "spot-washed" by hand using warm water and mild detegent (no bleach). After you have washed, then rinse and gently wring dry. Allow product to air dry prior to use. Never machine wash or dry.


Fire safety precautions should always be followed. Keep all open flames and heat sources away from any bedding materials. Memory Foam and Anatomic Toppers comply with California 117 requirements.