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The CoolComfort 10"

The CoolComfort 10"
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We love our new mattress!
We love our new RV mattress. In fact, we like it so much that we purchased one of your Queen memory foam mattress for our home this week.

Previously, when using our "Sleep Number Bed" - my wife was often waking up with headaches in the mornings and I often had aches in my shoulders and lower neck. But, we didn't experience any of these symptoms on the mattress we ordered from you.

I can't explain exactly why this was - except that the memory-foam and other support foam in your mattress seemed to generally spread our body weight out more evenly than the 'Sleep Number Bed' - "giving" where it needed to (probably due to the memory-foam), yet evenly "supporting" elsewhere. All-in-all, it seems to be a pretty great arrangement.

Alan D.
Fallbrook, California


Foamex Memory Foam Mattress

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Free Upgrade! All of our do-it-yourself component beds now come with a luxurious CoolMax® by DuPont® mattress cover for cool, moisture-free sleep.

Foamex Memory Foam Bed

The Cool Comfort features 2" of Aerus 4lb. memory foam and 2" of Sensus 5 lb memory foam. Aerus is a state-of-the-art open-cell material, that allows air to flow through the material far more freely than it can through other memory foams (up to eight times more freely). That moving air carries away excess heat and moisture, making Aerus an exceptionally comfortable and cool sleep surface.

Sensus is a new generation of premium, high-density, viscoelastic foam manufactured using the same, patented Variable Pressure Foaming process used to produce Reflex. VPF manufacturing means Sensus outperforms existing viscoelastic products in consistency, quality, and shape-conforming comfort.

Sensus is fluidly responsive to a broader range of temperatures than other viscoelastic products. The result is a smoother, more gradual shift in firmness that allows sleepers to change position without hitting an uncomfortable barrier of hard, non-responsive foam. In fact, Sensus has finer cells than other viscoelastic foams, giving it a softer, more luxurious feel than competitive products. Sensus also has a longer "memory". As a result,The Cool Comfort does a superior job of relieving pressure that can cause discomfort and interrupt sleep. When compared to nationally branded, market leading premium viscoelastic foam, Sensus reduces pressure to the head, scapular, sacral, and heel regions by up to 15 percent.

Features of The Cool Comfort
The Cool Comfort is 10 inches thick and includes two 3 inch layers of high-density Reflex foam in the core. One layer is rated at 32 ILD and the other at 40 ILD with options of 28,32,40 ILDs. On top of the core is one 2 inch layer of 5lb. Sensus brand memory foam, and on top of that layer is another 2 inch layer of 4lb. Aerus memory foam for a total of 4 full inches of memory foam. Having two memory foam layers of different densities allows you to customize the firmness level of the mattress by rearranging the layers of memory foam. Combined with the opportunity to rearrange the core layers as well, you have a myriad of firmness possibilities with this mattress.

Component Mattress
The Cool Comfort is a component mattresses, meaning the layers are not laminated together like a traditional mattress but held together by friction and the zippered cover. This allows more flexibility in changing the feel of the bed by changing the order and densities of foam layers.

The Cool Comfort does a superior job of relieving pressure that can cause discomfort and interrupt sleep. When compared to nationally branded, market leading premium viscoelastic foam beds, The Cool Comfort offers you interchangeable support and comfort layers where other models cannot be adjusted because the layers are all laminated together.

The core of The Cool Comfort is made up of two support layers, using a premium, high-density foam made through the state-of-the-art VPFsm technology, providing superior support characteristics when compared to inner springs, with the added dimension of enhanced comfort.

Each of the two layers in the The Cool Comfort are rated with different ILD's (firmness rating), one at 40 ILD (more firm), and one at 32 ILD (less firm) with options of 28,32,40 ILDs. This allows the sleeper to customize the feel of the mattress by choosing which layer they would like closer to the sleeping surface, the firm layer or the softer layer.

The Cool Comfort featuring Sensus memory foam provides superior comfort while virtually eliminating permanent body impressions. Even after tests simulating many years of use, Sensus maintains its feel, retaining 95 percent of its original IFD rating. Sensus also retains its viscoelastic properties far longer than conventional viscoelastic.

Mattress Foundation
No special foundation is necessary with the Cool Comfort - any firm flat surface will work. If you find your box spring is too soft, simply lay a piece of plywood between the box spring and The Cool Comfort to provide a firmer foundation surface.

For additional Memory Foam Information including care and safety click on the link.

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