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Common Truck and RV Mattress Sizes

September 13th, 2011

Although RV mattresses come in all shapes and sizes we have compiled a list of the most common mattress sizes for an RV here:

Short Queen: 60″x75″
3/4 Size (sometimes called ‘antique size’): 48″x75″
Twin Size: 38″x75″
RV King: 72″x80″
Regular Queen: 60×80
Full Size: 53″x75″
Regular King: 76″x80″

The most common truck mattress sizes are a little bit different and have been listed here:


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Complete Guide To Latex Foam

July 13th, 2011

So, you just heard about an all-natural-foam called latex that makes a great mattress, but you have questions:

Is this the same stuff they make tires and rubber gloves out of?
Will it sleep hot?
How is it made?

And, then as you start to investigate latex you are confused by all of this talk about dunlop vs. talalay and all-natural vs. synthetic… Introducing the “Complete Guide to Latex Bedding” an infographic timeline detailing the invention of latex mattresses and comparing the dunlop and talalay manufacturing processes.

Complete Guide To Latex Bedding

Complete Guide To Latex Bedding

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Full-time RVing: to keep the house or to sell

June 17th, 2011

When pondering whether to keep your house or sell it as you transition into full-time RVing, there are a number of factors involved, and a number of questions to ask yourself to help decide if you should keep your house, or sell it.

Financial Stability
Ask yourself, do I need the money from selling my house to support my full-time RVing lifestyle?
Do I make enough money to support both a house and a full-time RV lifestyle?
Can I rent the house while RVing?
Do I have a large enough parachute in case something negative happens to the house or RV while on the road?
Are market conditions good for me to sell the house?

Am I 100% confident in the lifestyle choice? If not, can I afford a trial period of 6 months or 1 year of RVing?
Will I return to the same town regularly?
Can I get used to sleeping in a different place every night, albeit in the same bed?
Do I have a comfortable home made in the RV?

From RMM

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, if all signs point to ‘sell’, give it another few months to be 100% certain in your choice. After that, happy RVing!!

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A couple RV’s I wouldn’t want to sleep in

June 16th, 2011


I bet there is a nasty rv mattress in there too 

We talk to full time RV’ers every day who would like a Rocky Mountain Mattress RV mattress. It is always fun to see pictures of our customers and their RV’s (and no, we have not serviced the “homes” you see here).

Which brings us to these RV’s… now we do respect everyone’s right to have a ‘home away from home’, but when you take that home with you on the road, you should probably ask yourself questions such as:

· Is this mobile home already mobile? – If not, leave it that way…
· If I were to get in a car accident, would this ‘mobile home’ look as if a hurricane blew through? – If so, leave it anchored to the ground…
· Are there real shingles and wood siding on my ‘mobile home’? – If so, you probably don’t want to expose them to too much of the elements…

We’re sure this is a perfectly comfortable, normal RV. However, I don’t think I could sleep comfortably at night knowing that a 20-foot cow was perched somewhere above me. Especially one with such a creepy look on its face.

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Fire retardants used in the mattress industry

June 15th, 2011

Fire retardants used in the mattress industry – specifically, the fire retardants used in many of the all-natural latex mattresses.

From RMM

All mattresses on the market are required to withstand a 2-foot wide blowtorch open flame for a period of 70 seconds, as of 2007. For cost reasons, many of these manufacturers opt to use toxic fire retardants that contain a combination of the following:

Boric Acid (reproductive and developmental toxin, used as a pesticide)
Antimony (causes heart and lung damage, possible carcinogen)
Decabromodiphenyl Oxide (causes hair and memory loss, possible carcinogen)

Not us!

In contrast, natural latex mattresses are all-natural and provides the same safety standards without compromising on quality or safety. The Rocky Mountain Mattress latex mattress lineup uses a fire retardant made up of:

Wood Pulp
Natural Silica

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American made memory foam vs. Chinese made memory foam

June 13th, 2011

In the world of memory foam manufacturing, there is a clear and noticeable difference between American made memory foam and Chinese memory foam.

Quick Summary: American memory foam will last longer, as a result of almost always being made with 100% visco-elastic memory foam. Also, American made memory foam is produced in a vacuum, giving the product consistency of quality and support.

Chinese manufacturers will often add clay fillers to their memory foam that cause it to break down quicker, forming depressions. In addition to this, there is speculation that certain Chinese foams contain carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).

Therefore, Rocky Mountain Mattress carries only USA made memory foam. We have elected to carry Bayer Memory Foam and Foamex Memory Foam. Both memory foam brands are made here in the USA and have excellent reputations for producing quality memory foams that last.

memory foam and latex


Mattress Density: You Get What You Pay For, Buyer Beware, and Higher—Not Always Better

Density is an important word in the memory foam mattress world. Memory foam density is an important indicator of durability and performance quality. But a true measure of density depends on who is manufacturing the memory foam and their level of commitment to creating a consistent, quality product.

Density numbers have a small window wherein lies the “sweet spot.” High density is generally equated with a quality product, however, there is such a thing as too much density. Two of the main complaints of memory foam mattress owners is the temperature of the foam during sleep or the slow rebound time when turning over—both arguably annoying factors in an interrupted sleep, and both the result of too much density.

Usually, mattresses are not a popular import item because of their bulk and the cost to transport them. The advent of memory foam eliminates those problems; its very nature allows for its extreme compression during shipping thus significantly cutting space and cost concerns. Currently, the U.S. is being inundated with Chinese memory foam that advertises “high quality” or at the very least, “adequate” density, but when put into use is turning up questionable characteristics. Some complaints include: slowness to rebound, increased (and unwanted) firmness as the room temperature decreases, hot spots after laying on it for a period of time, oily residue on the mattress surface, and the presence of chemical odors. The chemical smells are most concerning as there is very little regulation of purity or safety in the manufacturing of Chinese memory foam. The smells take a very long time to dissipate (if ever) and have various potentially harmful sources, one of which is the alleged use of pesticides used to kill insects. There is great speculation that Chinese memory foams contain cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens), another possible odor source. Mattress industry insiders also trade concerns about reports that Chinese memory foam may contain lead, stone dust and clay fillers to fabricate the appearance of a higher density—which commands a higher price. The result of this “enhancement” is a quicker formation of depressions and a rapid breakdown of the foam.

The inception of memory foam has a long tradition of bearing high standards as it was first developed for NASA and then used commercially, primarily in health institutions. For many years it was simply too expensive; the manufacturing process remained difficult and unreliable. Today, with our increased knowledge and technology, it has become more widely available. Buying American made memory foam is much safer than its imported counterparts because it is required to meet standardized quality control regulations. Most American memory foam is vacuum-produced, resulting in an even, quality consistency, and yielding a 100% pure visco-elastic foam without the questionable fillers used by other manufacturers.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. For a 60 year old, that’s 20 years! Chinese memory foam may offer a product that carries an enticing discount, but there may be price to pay in quality and an even bigger cost to your health. You can find our made in the USA memory foam mattress toppers at and our American-made memory foam mattresses at!/memory-foam-beds-c-21.html.

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All-natural talalay latex vs. blended talalay latex

June 9th, 2011

All-natural talalay latex vs. blended talalay latex and a look at the manufactures producing each:

All-Natural “Talalay Latex” is a very rare product, with only two manufacturers currently making true all-natural talalay latex. Dunlupillo and Latex International currently are the only two producers making all-natural talalay mattresses. So what is the difference between the two?

All-natural talalay latex is made from 100% latex rubber from rubber trees.
Blended talalaylatex can have a percentage of synthetic latex blended into the product.

What is ‘talalay’? Talalay is a process by which latex is formed into a mold. It is a high quality and consistent method of creating shaped latex, in this case into mattresses. The process itself:

  • Liquid rubber is whipped into foam and poured into a mold.
  • When closed the mold has rods that go through the foamed rubber.
  • A vacuum is placed on the mold, which removes air bubbles/pockets and distributes the liquid rubber evenly through the mold.
  • CO2 is run through the rods, freezing the foamed rubber and locking in the consistency.
  • Heat sent through the rods, providing even temperature and yielding a consistent latex cores without air pockets or uneven firmnesses.

Latex Mattress Material

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Choosing the right thickness in a mattress topper – 2, 3, or 4 inches?

June 1st, 2011

Choosing the proper thickness of a memory foam or latex topper involves a few decisions that you have to make. These are:

Do I prefer a softer mattress, or a firmer mattress?
If you prefer to sleep on a harder mattress, a thinner memory foam mattress or latex mattress topper would be a better choice, allowing the firmness of your mattress to still be felt while providing a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Do I sleep on my side, back, or stomach? Here is a simple guide:

Stomach Sleeper = 2″ Topper

Back Sleeper = 2 or 3″ Topper

Side Sleeper = 3 or 4″ Topper
(you need the extra depth to adequately provide pressure-relief for shoulders and hips when sleeping on your side)

Multiple Position Sleeper = 3″ Topper
(3″ is the most common thickness because most people spend sleep at least part of the night on their side)

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should have a good idea of exactly what firmness and thickness of memory foam mattress topper will best suit your particular needs.

The last question should then be, “Is my mattress in good condition?”
If your mattress is not in general good condition – it’s bowed, lumpy, or damaged; a mattress topper will not fix the bed. You should consider purchasing an all mattress instead of a mattress topper.

Different types of memory foam topper samples

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The World’s Most Extreme Beds

May 2nd, 2011

When you crawl in bed at night, you are probably just thankful for a comfy, warm place to rest.  However, some people take their sleeping experiences to the next level and really push the boundaries of creativity.  The sleeping spaces featured here go beyond normal and into the realm of extreme beds.

Floating Bed
Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars’ floating bed looks like a prop from a David Copperfield magic show.  This extreme bed was created in the summer of 2006 after six years of development.  The bed is attached to the ground by four thin cables, which are only there to ensure that the bed stays motionless.  The true magic comes through the use of magnets, which enable the bed to float up to 40cm off the ground and carry up to 900 kilograms in weight.

Photo: PR Newswire

High Fidelity Canopy
The Hi-Can High Fidelity Canopy bed is the perfect sleep space for the tech geek in your life.  Designed by Italian Edoardo Carlino, the Hi-Can is equipped with a state of the art sound system, a home theatre screen that slides down from its home within the bed frame, a built in computer, a pressure-balanced mechanical bedding system, remote controlled blinds, an iPod interface and much more.

Lomme Bed
Looking like it came straight from The Jetsons, the Lomme is a bed and a piece of art rolled into one.  The bed was created to provide you with the most restful and rejuvenating night of sleep possible.  The bed features a light therapy system that mimics the setting sun to help you fall asleep and it wakes you the next day with a rising sun simulation.  The Lomme Bed’s other features include color therapy, an integrated iPod dock and an integrated massage system.

Photo: Lomme

Safe-T Bed

If you want to keep your riches close by while you sleep, the Safe-T Bed is the sleep system for you.  Hollandia International is known for creative sleep solutions and when a customer inquired about integrating a gun safe into his bed, the company responded with the Safe-T Bed.  The bed features an integrated safe to store your self-defense weapon of choice, precious jewels or wads of cash – all nuzzled securely under your resting head.

Photo: Hollandia International

Private Cloud

Think reclining rocking chair meets baby swing and you have the Private Cloud bed.  Created by German designer Manuel Kloker, the bed actually rocks.  Many babies find comfort in a swing and so the idea behind the bed is that adults, too, find comfort in the smooth rocking motion.  The bed also includes a canopy in your choice of fabric for added tranquility.

PR Newswire (membership required)
Private Cloud
Avant Gallery
Hollandia International

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US Government Approved 2011 Bed Bug Budget

April 11th, 2011

The Federal Government recently approved a $550,000 grant aimed at tackling the ongoing bed bug epidemic. The Environmental Protection Agency has distributed over half a million dollars among five state health departments and universities to research, treat and report on the most effective counter-measures for ridding residential neighborhoods from the blood-sucking pest, using mostly non-toxic and integrated pest control methods.

The University of Missouri St. Louis will be working with building inspectors and social service agencies that accommodate low-income and immigrant neighborhood of the St. Louis metro area. The university’s findings will later be converted into a mobile-friendly website that anyone will be able to access from their smartphone.

Texas AgriLife Extension Service (Texas A&M University) will work with nearby shelters to address living habits. Shelter workers will be trained to inspect, implement mattress encasement and modify living structure if needs be. Workers will also be trained to treat bed bugs head on, using quarantine and heat methods.

Rutgers University will implement a state-wide outreach program, working with more than 50 communities in New Jersey. The objective will be to design a community-based, integrated pest management model. The program will feature steps of detection, non-chemical and limited chemical eradication.

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Michigan Department of Community Health have both been assigned with projects expected to last up to 24 months. The Maryland Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene will be providing training and technical materials to residents, service agencies and retail operators that operate some of the poorest zip codes on Baltimore City and county health offices around in Maryland. These service agencies include business that service low-income residents, housing agencies, secondhand good stores, health care providers and local pest product vendors. The Michigan Dept. of Community Health will be doing similar tasks, but with the additional assignments of developing a model for a local bed bug task force and “toolkit” for use by local government and agencies.

All five organizations will be networking and communicating with each other regarding their discoveries since all five anticipate their encounters and research will draw many similar conclusions.

While this is the government’s biggest initiative to date to combat bed bugs, this federal grant is paled by Canadian province Ontario’s $5 million effort. The province approved their bed bug budget in January that will aid local education programs and help vulnerable populations that may not able to afford professional assistance.

Canada is taking their bed bug issues very seriously. Some RV owners have even reported that upon crossing the Canadian border, they have been asked to provide proof that their motor homes, including the RV Mattress, have been properly inspected and/or treated recently for bed bugs.

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