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Custom Made SeaRay Boat Mattress – Customer Review

June 11th, 2012

Custom SeaRay Sundancer 340 Cruiser Boat Mattress Review

Rocky Mountain Mattress Company produced this custom made sleep system for our SeaRay Sundancer 340 cruiser. They were able to take my measurements and paper template and manufacture it with precision and quality. No more hip and back pain now that we’re have this comfortable mattress installed on our boat. If you need a custom mattress built for your boat, these are the folks that can do it, and with free shipping too! Thank you Rocky Mountain Mattress!

Dr. Perkins

custom SeaRay Boat Mattress

Custom Boat Mattress

order a custom SeaRay Boat Mattress

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How To Check For Bed Bugs Like A Professional

May 22nd, 2012

Although this parasitic insect is often thought of as invisible to the naked eye, it can actually be seen and the following graphic will help you know what they look like and where to search for them.

With tips from the professionals we help you learn what bed bugs want most and why they live not only in your bed, but on and around other areas of the bedroom as well. Learn what all of the hiding places for this insect are on your mattress, topper, and box springs. You might be surprised at where they are hiding! We would like to thank Bulwark Pest Control & Dream Systems Media for helping us put this very helpful graphic together.

How To Check For Bed Bugs

How To Check For Bed Bugs presented by Rocky Mountain Mattress

If you’re suffering from a bed bug infestation in your bedroom, please contact us to help you with a protective cover, new mattress, or topper so you’ll be able to rest easy.

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RV Mattress Review: Keeping the Yorkies Happy

April 3rd, 2012

Hi Dave,

The mattress and scrap piece arrived today exactly as ordered. There was even a bonus to the scrap piece because the 2″ piece was already glued to the 5″ piece so I don’t have to run out and buy spray glue at Home Depot. My wife says your mattress is wonderfully comfortable and she will finally get a good nights sleep when we are on the road in the RV with her two small Yorkies.

Yorkie Dogs Love Custom RV Mattress

Even Yorkies Love to Sleep on Rocky Mountain Mattresses

Thank you and your company again for being precise in the measurements and flexible enough to include the scrap pieces to fill in the odd shapes around the mattress for the Yorkies to sleep on.


Carl T.

10 of The Most Ridiculously Creative Beds

February 22nd, 2012

Considering we spend almost half of our lifetime in bed, it’s a wonder that people don’t get more creative with their sleeping arrangements. That said, in support of the bold few, we’ve decided to highlight a few cases where individuals have gone above and beyond the more mundane amenities to bring you the most ridiculously creative beds around.

  1. The Pumpkin Carriage Bed:
    If you’re making a list of ridiculously creative beds, this overly ornate Pumpkin Carriage (inspired by Cinderella) has to top the list. While this kind of bed surely has a limited shelf life before the young princess outgrows the fairytale phase, she’s likely the bell of the ball while it lasts.

    Princess Carriage Bed

    Princess Carriage Bed via Blogspot

  1. The Playground Bed:
    It’s a bird! it’s a plane! it’s a playground! It’s a … bed? While there probably isn’t much sleeping going on in this household due to the kids playing instead of napping, at least you save on gas for not having to commute to the park.

    The playground bed

    The playground bed Image Via Furniture Arcade

  1. The Zipper Bed:
    Sleeping bags are cozy and all but there isn’t much room for adjusting your position throughout the night – you’re pretty much resigned to one pose. However, combining the coziness of a sleeping bag but with the spacious sprawling ability of a full-sized bed, this zipper bed is the best of both worlds! 

    The Zipper Bed

    The Zipper Bed Image Via Room Art Decoration

  1. The Round Mattress:
    Speaking of adjusting positions, who says you need to sleep in one configuration? Cue the round bed. While rectangle beds pretty much force you to sleep length-wise, with the round mattress from Rocky Mountain Mattress you can sleep at infinite angles!

    Round Mattress

    Round Mattress via Rocky Mountain Mattress

  2. The Trampoline Bed:
    If you had an affinity for sleeping on the backyard trampoline as a child or if you fancy a night in a hammock in your later years, this one is for you. Because it’s not always warm enough to campout in your backyard, this bed brings the trampoline/hammock experience indoors, to be enjoyed year-round.

    The Trampoline Bed

    The Trampoline Bed via Blogspot

  1. The Rocking Bed:
    Rocking chairs are extremely relaxing and while it’s easy to nod off, sleeping in the upright position is never a recipe for a full night’s sleep. That said, we bring you this most creative rocking bed … the same perks of a rocking chair but with the horizontal sleeping comforts of a bed!

    The Rocking Bed

    The Rocking Bed via The Net War

  1. The Modified Hammock Bed:
    As our second tribute to the hammock on this list, we have this modified hammock bed. Again, combining the best of two worlds, this is a solid-state bed that still manages to provide the free-swinging sensation of a backyard hammock or porch swing.

    The hammock Bed

    The Hammock Bed Via Funzug

  1. The Fancy Cabin Bunks:
    Everyone has attempted to sleep in cabin bunks at one point (the key word being attempted). Whether it was at camp or Uncle Jim’s mountain cabin, there’s usually little comfort in rustic sleeping quarters – that is, until these plush two-story amenities came along.

    The fancy cabin beds

    The Fancy Cabin Beds via Purple Chair

  2. The Swan Bed:
    This bed is both creative and beautiful, however, much like Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage above, there is a short window of time for when this young lady will appreciate the grand gesture. Of course, after that, good luck moving what looks to be an extremely heavy one-piece fixture!

    The Swan Bed

    The Swan Bed via 2 Interior Design

  3. The Nest Bed:
    For every beautiful swan there is a nest where they lay their head at night – this one just so happens to be a cross between that resting place and the over-sized nest-like Olympic Stadium in Beijing, China. While this is certainly creative, the jury is still out on whether is tasteful or tacky.

    The Nest Bed

    The Nest Bed via Toxel

We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of ridiculously creative beds – one thing is for sure, it either made you extremely jealous of what you don’t have or beyond grateful for the nice, normal bed you call your own.

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Doing Business with and Old Friend

February 21st, 2012

Hi Dave!

I just wanted to let you know the mattress is PERFECT! :) Thanks so much for your spectacular customer service! You made it feel like doing business with an “old friend!” Meredith is looking forward to many restful nights!

Warm regards,


Courtney H. Mann, MD
Medical Director
Children’s Emergency Department
Wake Medical Center
Wake Emergency Physicians, PA

Rocky Mountain Mattress Custom Mattress Review

Rocky Mountain Mattress Custom Mattress Review

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Love the Queen Mattress

February 7th, 2012

Hi Dave,

Love the queen mattress – haven’t had a back ache since I started sleeping on it.


Kathleen H.
Huntington Beach, CA

Rocky Mountain Mattress Review

Another Happy RMM Customer

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Top 5 Reasons buy from Rocky Mountain Mattress

February 6th, 2012

Buying a mattress from an online retailer can save you a lot of time and money. Why? Online retailers, like RMM, often have better prices and their sales reps usually know a lot more about the mattress line than sales reps in brick and mortar stores (because people buying online do a lot of research and demand answers whereas people shopping in person rely primarily on feel). But, it is very important to buy your mattress from the right online retailer – one that provides value, real customer service, and palatable options if you need to exchange or return your mattress. Rocky Mountain Mattress is an industry leader, we believe these are the top five reasons to buy products from us rather than “the other guys”.

1. Reputation. Some of the world’s most reputable manufacturers have teamed up with Rocky Mountain Mattress, including Bayer, DuPont, Leggett and Platt, FXI and others. You can be sure to get a top-quality product because Rocky Mountain Mattress only offers the best.

Example Rocky Mountain Mattresses

Rocky Mountain Mattress Examples

2. Unique Features. Rocky Mountain Mattress offers the most individualized and unique products on the market. Rocky Mountain Mattress offers Bayer memory foams, BIOflex medicinal magnets, CoolMax,, Lumbar support and Premium foundations. Our CoolMax covers remove excess moisture and heat from the mattress to provide a dry, cool and comfortable night’s sleep. BIOflex medical magnets have been proven to reduce joint pain and provide increased circulation for a restful night’s sleep.

Memory Foam Cuts - Rocky Mountain Mattress Factory Examples

Rocky Mountain Mattress Memory Foam Cuts Examples

3. Made in the U.S.A. Rocky Mountain Mattress products are made right here in the U.S.A. from only the highest-quality materials. You can take pride in knowing that your Rocky Mountain Mattress was made from only CertiPUR-US® foams and memory foams and 100% natural latexes certified by the ecoINSTITUT.

Rocky Mountain Mattress Memory Foam Mattress Factory

Rocky Mountain Mattress Factory - Made in the USA

4. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Rocky Mountain Mattress offers one of the best warranties in the business. The limited lifetime warranty includes full coverage on mattresses for the first ten years and is covered against manufacturing defects at 50 percent during years 11-15.

Rocky Mountain Mattress Memory Foam Examples

Rocky Mountain Mattress Memory Foam Examples

5. 90 Night Risk-Free Trial. Rocky Mountain Mattress knows and understands how important it is to love the mattress you sleep on. In order to ensure complete satisfaction, RMM offers a risk-free 90 night trial on every mattress. If you choose a mattress that doesn’t quite work for you, you can rest comfortably knowing you can return it for a full refund.

Mattress Headboards

Rocky Mountain Mattress Headboards

There are many reasons you should choose a mattress from choose a mattress from Rocky Mountain Mattress. These are just five of them!

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How And When To Replace Your Boat Mattress

January 26th, 2012

Many people who are new to owning a boat do not initially realize that the proper maintenance of a boat mattress can be very different from the mattress they have on their regular beds. A boat mattress has to live in a far more moist environment than is typical for a mattress, and this can make it vulnerable to becoming musty or even becoming a home for mold. If your mattress is old, used, or you just don’t feel comfortable sleeping on it, you should plan to replace it so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Custom Boat Mattress example by Rocky Mountain Mattress

Custom Boat Mattress made by Rocky Mountain Mattress

When you are looking for a boat mattress, you need to understand that they often don’t use the sort of easy standard sizes that regular beds use. You will need to take measurements of the length, width, and depth of the frame the mattress will be sitting in. If it is irregularly shaped in some way, you may even want to make a paper template of the frame so that you can provide it to a company that makes custom mattresses. This will allow them to ensure that they create something that will make use of the allowable space perfectly.

You will probably have some idea of the type of material you want to use for your boat mattress based on what has been comfortable to you on your regular bed. You should take the difference in environment into account, however. Someone who finds that memory foam is comfortable but makes them too warm in a heated home may feel that the extra heat these hold is welcome if their boat tends to be a little chilly. On the other hand, a latex mattress is less responsive to temperature and will behave more consistently in different environments if you intend to go boating in many climates.

When you are ready to order your boat mattress, remember that the most important thing you can do to assure that you get a good night’s sleep is to buy a high quality product that will be ready quickly. There are companies in the United States that make excellent mattresses to your specifications and can have them to you very fast so that you can enjoy your time on your boat even more.

order a custom made mattress

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When to Replace Box Springs or Mattress Foundations

November 18th, 2011

A box spring provides support and acts as a shock absorber for a mattress; a wood platform is simply that, a fixed platform that does not give or flex. A mattress by itself has no support without a box spring or foundation. So how do you know when to replace and when to keep?

The life span of a box spring foundation is roughly 8-10 years. When getting a new mattress, people are often tempted to hang on to their old box springs. Box springs won’t show their wear the same way as mattresses do, but over time, the support materials do break down and wear out. Using a worn-out box spring set with a brand new mattress will cause your brand new mattress to “age” prematurely. Also, not replacing a box spring or foundation with a new mattress purchase may affect the warranty as it is difficult to predict the mattress’ performance with a worn box spring.

When choosing between box springs and simply a wooden foundation, you need to determine what you want from your mattress. For example, if you buy a memory foam mattress primarily for less bouncing or give, and prefer a very firm mattress, then a “box spring” set without the springs or a wooden foundation is the right choice for you. (Your box springs should actually give and spring back when you press down on them. “Faux” box springs are often sold in conjunction with memory foam mattresses but still called “box spring foundations” simply as a matter of habit. Make sure you buy what you think you are buying.)

What are the health benefits to replacing your box springs or foundation? A worn down box spring set won’t spring back as it is intended to do causing uneven support of your mattress. This “camouflaged” (because it’s on the underside) sagging can cause sore spots, tight muscles, back and neck pain—all of which can lead to a restless sleep which can in turn affect your concentration, mood and overall health. Save yourself the headache: replace your box springs or mattress foundation after the recommended life-span has expired and get a better night’s sleep.

Can people with latex allergies sleep on natural latex mattresses and toppers?

October 5th, 2011

From: Patty McNabb
Date: July 21, 2012 12:16:45 PM PDT
To: “”
Subject: Re:

Love, love, love my latex topper


Just thought you might like to read what another happy Rocky Mountain Mattress customer has to say about our Latex Toppers.

Here is some more information on Latex Toppers:

Can people who suffer from “latex allergies” sleep on latex mattresses or the natural latex mattress topper?

Pure natural latex is derived from the rubber tree. Most latex mattresses and pillows are made from 100% natural latex, but can be made from a blend of natural and synthetic latex.

All Natural Latex

All Natural Latex

Latex allergies first became noted in the 1990s. Proteins in the latex are the source of the allergic reactions, which can include: nasal congestion, runny nose, shortness of breath, wheezing and in the extreme case, anaphylactic shock. These particular proteins also occur in many common items such as tomatoes, bananas and milkweed. Most of the early cases of latex allergies stemmed from the health care community in persons regularly exposed to latex materials such as latex gloves. These types of latex products are manufactured by the dipped vulcanization process which is a closed cell process; this process does not allow for the proteins to be washed out during or at the completion of production. Moreover, to facilitate their wear, latex gloves are coated with a powder, which in turn allows for the latex proteins to be carried into the air and increases the likelihood of exposure.

Latex foam used in the manufacture of latex foam mattresses is made with an entirely different process called an open celled process. This process allows for thorough post-production washing. Most latex foam bedding is put through at least 5 washing or flushing cycles to ensure that almost all of the protein is removed from the latex. All latex foam bedding products are subsequently covered with non-latex products so there is never skin contact with the latex.

The FDA monitors complaints for allergic reaction to natural latex rubber. The largest manufacturer of natural latex products in the United States has reported that in their 28 years in the industry, there has never been a single complaint generated from the natural rubber found in latex pillows or mattresses.

As a precaution, severe latex allergy sufferers should obtain a mattress materials sample to be taken to their physician or allergy specialist for evaluation and recommendation.

Rocky Mountain Mattress does provide latex samples upon request for those who wish to test for allergies before purchasing. You can find our full selection of latex mattresses and toppers here

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