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Custom Mattress Testimonial For RV

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Just wanted to share another testimonial we received here at Rocky Mountain Mattress. This one is from a happy custom RV mattress customer. Check it out, and please send it your testimonials!

From: Judith Swain
Date: July 23, 2012 3:19:02 PM PDT
To: Rocky Mountain Mattress
Subject: Re: custom made mattresses for RV

Hi Rocky Mountain Mattress , we have received the mattresses and they are wonderful. THANKS!
Best ~ Judi Swain

Custom Mattress Examples

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Love Your Boat But Hate Your Boat Mattress?

Friday, June 29th, 2012

For many, owning a boat is a long awaited dream come true. But once your mattress begins to give out, spending time on your dreamboat can become uncomfortable, or even create problems (a grumpy spouse is no fun!).

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to purchasing a custom boat mattress and initially the process may seem a little overwhelming. I have made hundreds of custom boat mattresses and therefore have some insight on the process of purchasing a new mattress for your boat!

First, it’s important to determine if you could make do with the mattress you already have and simply purchase a mattress topper for added support and comfort. If this is not going to cut it, then it’s time to get a new mattress!

Next, you need to consider some technical but important issues when it comes to boat mattresses. These include weight, material that will last in a marine environment, and size.

custom SeaRay Boat Mattress

Recently Created Custom Boat Mattress by Rocky Mountain Mattress

Weight is important and needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a mattress for your boat. You will want to figure out the current weight of your mattress and go from there. Since there are many different types of materials and thicknesses in the industry to meet your needs, you will want to consider what the right balance between the weight of the mattress, measured in pounds per cubic foot, and the thickness needed for your support.

You will also want to consider the marine environment your mattress will be living in. Latex can be a great choice because the foam is naturally resistant to mold and mildew and because it breathes very well, which is good because the last thing you want on your boat is a large mildewing mattress. While there are rust resistant innersprings for some mattresses, which do cut down on the deterioration of a mattress, foam mattresses are more porous and can be made with anti-microbial materials. Therefore, memory foam and latex mattresses generally tend to absorb less moisture and are better suited for a damp environment.

When getting a custom cut mattress for your boat, Rocky Mountain Mattress, can customize and cut your mattress to fit any size you need. Visit our site,, for instructions on how to accurately measure for your new mattress.

Custom Made SeaRay Boat Mattress – Customer Review

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Custom SeaRay Sundancer 340 Cruiser Boat Mattress Review

Rocky Mountain Mattress Company produced this custom made sleep system for our SeaRay Sundancer 340 cruiser. They were able to take my measurements and paper template and manufacture it with precision and quality. No more hip and back pain now that we’re have this comfortable mattress installed on our boat. If you need a custom mattress built for your boat, these are the folks that can do it, and with free shipping too! Thank you Rocky Mountain Mattress!

Dr. Perkins

custom SeaRay Boat Mattress

Custom Boat Mattress

order a custom SeaRay Boat Mattress

To receive additional information on custom mattresses please complete our custom mattress form or email us at or call 1-866-733-3132.

How And When To Replace Your Boat Mattress

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Many people who are new to owning a boat do not initially realize that the proper maintenance of a boat mattress can be very different from the mattress they have on their regular beds. A boat mattress has to live in a far more moist environment than is typical for a mattress, and this can make it vulnerable to becoming musty or even becoming a home for mold. If your mattress is old, used, or you just don’t feel comfortable sleeping on it, you should plan to replace it so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Custom Boat Mattress example by Rocky Mountain Mattress

Custom Boat Mattress made by Rocky Mountain Mattress

When you are looking for a boat mattress, you need to understand that they often don’t use the sort of easy standard sizes that regular beds use. You will need to take measurements of the length, width, and depth of the frame the mattress will be sitting in. If it is irregularly shaped in some way, you may even want to make a paper template of the frame so that you can provide it to a company that makes custom mattresses. This will allow them to ensure that they create something that will make use of the allowable space perfectly.

You will probably have some idea of the type of material you want to use for your boat mattress based on what has been comfortable to you on your regular bed. You should take the difference in environment into account, however. Someone who finds that memory foam is comfortable but makes them too warm in a heated home may feel that the extra heat these hold is welcome if their boat tends to be a little chilly. On the other hand, a latex mattress is less responsive to temperature and will behave more consistently in different environments if you intend to go boating in many climates.

When you are ready to order your boat mattress, remember that the most important thing you can do to assure that you get a good night’s sleep is to buy a high quality product that will be ready quickly. There are companies in the United States that make excellent mattresses to your specifications and can have them to you very fast so that you can enjoy your time on your boat even more.

order a custom made mattress

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Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Trailers

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Trailers

There are many kinds of trailers out there. Maybe you have a camper trailer, a pop-up trailer, a trailer home, a 5th wheel trailer, or a double-wide trailer. Maybe you even have a combination of trailers. No matter what trailer you have or how many trailers you have, you can upgrade it significantly without breaking the bank. You can now order a custom made memory foam mattress for your trailer.

People have loved the benefits of memory foam mattresses. Memory foam has been proven to reduce pressure points on your body while you sleep because your body is being cradled. It has also helped people with chronic neck pain, chronic back pain or other kinds of pain. Memory foam was first used in the medical industry because it helped patients so much and gave them the comfort they needed. Since then, memory foam has been available for general use and many people are taking advantage of it.

Memory foam mattresses are made with a special heat technology. The memory foam uses your body temperature to help help it up. Once it has been heated, the memory foam begins to conform to your individual body shape. It doesn’t matter what position you prefer to sleep in. A memory foam mattress will cradle your body all night long. Because memory foam molds to your shape, it reduces your need to toss and turn all night long. You can finally fall asleep faster because your mattress does all the work for you.

As you can see, memory foam mattresses have so many benefits. The good news is that you can get a custom made mattress to fit your trailer. You can order any size or shape mattress you need. Whether your mattress needs to be small or big or funny shaped, you can get it the way you need it. You can also specify the density and thickness. This means that you can choose a more dense mattress for optimal comfort and support or a thinner mattress if you won’t be using it very often. Don’t worry about the cost either. Memory foam mattresses really aren’t much more expensive than traditional mattress. That’s a great deal because you can get a custom made memory foam mattress for the same price as an innerspring mattress that won’t fit where you need it to. Go ahead…order your trailer a custom made memory foam mattress.

To receive additional information on custom mattresses please complete our custom mattress form or email us at
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Custom Made Round Beds

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Those who like round beds

round beds

Do you watch ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Did you see the October 30, 2007 edition? Remember seeing the huge round basketball bed? That bed was made out of memory foam. Did you ever imagine that memory foam mattresses could be made into a huge round shape? Some people actually prefer round beds. Similarly, many people prefer memory foam beds. It just got better because you can now get round memory foam mattresses.

Have you ever heard of The Floating Bed? These beds have capitalized on the round design. The round beds hang in place and can be hung inside or outside. Customers have really like the fact that they have the freedom to rotate while they sleep. Instead of having to stay in one spot while you sleep, you can move anywhere you’d like.

Now people can take advantage of round mattresses and memory foam mattresses. They can enjoy the comfort and support of memory foam and the freedom of a round bed. You can order a small round bed, a medium size round bed or a huge round bed. The sky is the limit. You can even choose the density and thickness of your new bed.

When we say you can order a custom made memory foam mattress, we mean it. You have the opportunity to choose everything about your next mattress. You don’t even have to pay extra. Custom made memory foam mattresses are extremely inexpensive and they last longer than traditional mattresses do. If you like round beds and memory foam mattresses, put the two together. Order a custom made round memory foam mattress.

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Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Antique Beds

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

At Rocky Mountain Mattress, we have helped so many customers with custom made memory foam mattresses for antique beds and antique bed frames. We would love to help you to! Just check out this Victorian bed frame we custom made a memory foam mattress for recently:

Custom Antique Bed Frame
Antique Bed Frame with Measurements
Custom Mattress Spec Blueprint
Custom Antique Mattress for Antique Bed Frame
Custom Mattresses Made for Antique Bed Frames

So, you have this antique bed that has been in your family for generations (like the picture above). It is a beautiful bed with a lot of sentimental meaning. The problem is that your mattress is beyond worn out and traditional size mattresses are either too big, too tall, too small, too long, too narrow, etc. You don’t have to take your special bed down and store it in the garage anymore. Good news is just around the corner. Well, it is just further into this article.

You can get a custom made memory foam mattress for your antique bed. Some people don’t ever use their antique bed for sleeping. Others, feel better about keeping the heirloom in the family and use it every night. No matter what your specific circumstance is, you can order a memory foam mattress for your bed. If you aren’t sure if you want to make the investment of getting memory foam for your bed, let me spare you the decision. Do it. Memory foam mattresses have been proven to offer an unprecedented level of comfort and support. These mattresses have also been shown to relieve pressure points and help reduce the pain of chronic pain patients.

Memory foam is made from a strong polyurethane material. It uses heat technology to utilize your body temperature. As your body temperature heats up the mattress, the memory foam slowly begins to mold to you. You don’t have to spend any more nights aimlessly tossing and turning. Let your mattress cradle you or your guests all night long. Memory foam is also popular among couples because there is a low amount of motion transfer. Couples who sleep on memory foam mattresses often comment that they never heard their spouse get up in the middle of the night. Now, that’s what I call a good night’s sleep.

Memory foam manufacturers want to help you replace your existing antique bed mattress with a memory foam mattress. You can custom order the mattress to your liking. You can choose a lower density mattress or a high density mattress for optimal comfort and support. It doesn’t matter how off the measurements are on your antique bed. You can get a memory foam mattress that fits perfectly on your heirloom.

It certainly is worth it to take extra good care of your antique bed. Take extra good care of your bed by using a top quality memory foam mattress. You’ll be able to get the comfort and support you’ve been looking for at a reasonable price. Memory foam mattresses also last a lot longer than traditional mattresses. Memory foam doesn’t wear down as quickly as innerspring mattresses or other types of mattresses. Go the extra mile and help your antique bed last for many more generations.

To receive additional information on custom mattresses please complete our custom mattress form or email us at
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History Of The Mattress

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

What is a mattress? Ok, duh right? But really – do you know the history of the mattress, and when they first started to be used? Rocky Mountain Mattress wanted to dive a little deeper into this for you and bring you some insightful info on the subject! Enjoy!

For centuries, human beings have depended on mattresses. We have used mattresses to sleep on and, in some circumstances, as padding. What exactly is a mattress? Where did it come from? Who invented the mattress? Find out all of your mattress questions here.

history of the mattress

What is a mattress? Webster’s Dictionary defines a mattress as “a fabric case filled with resilient material (as cotton, hair, feathers, foam rubber, or an arrangement of coiled springs) used either alone as a bed or on a bedstead.” It can also be “an inflatable airtight sack for use as a mattress.” Our current definition of mattress comes from the Middle English materas. Mattress also comes from Anglo-French and Medieval Latin materacium. In Arabic, mattress is derived from matrah, which means the place where something is thrown. As you can see, mattresses have been around for quite some time.

When did mattresses first start being used? There are different theories about which civilization actually “invented” the mattress. Europeans adopted the Arabic method of sleeping on cushions during the Crusades. Traditionally, these cushions would be thrown on the floor in some sort of pattern to create a larger pad to sleep on.

Most sources say that mattresses started being used during the Neolithic period. People in this period of time began sleeping on raised platforms to avoid dirt, pests and drafts. Mattresses were probably first made from leaves, grass or possibly straw, with animals skins over it. In 3600 B.C., Persians began using goat skins that were filled with water. The Ancient Romans slept on bags of cloth filled with reeds, hay or wool during 200 B.C. Wealthy Romans used feathers to stuff their mattresses.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, mattresses began to evolve even further. People began making wooden frames to put their mattresses on. The frames would have a lattice work of rope or leather to support the down or straw-stuffed mattresses. Mattresses weren’t covered with cloth or linen until the mid 18th century. In 1855, Tyler Howe patented the first Spring Bed in Spencer, MA. Two years later, steel coils were patented for use in mattresses and chair cushions. The inner-spring mattress was invented by the Germany-born Heinrich Westphal. Sadly, he died in poverty after never profiting from his invention.

Believe it or not, the first few Water Beds were sold via mail-order in 1895. The box-spring mattress was invented in the late 19th century. The box spring helped regular mattresses not feel so lumpy. Inner-spring mattresses became extremely popular in the 1930s. During the 1950s, foam rubber mattresses and pillows became available for general use. NASA invented memory foam in the 1970s but it wasn’t until 1992 that Tempur-Pedic introduced the first mattress made of it.

Mattresses have come a long way from their origin in the Neolithic age. I know I’m sure grateful that I have a pillowtop inner-spring mattress to sleep on, rather than a pile of leaves. Mattresses now come in all different sizes and textures. The most popular types of mattresses today include: inner-spring, memory foam, latex, air, and waterbeds. Now you have a little bit of history behind you when you go to buy your next mattress. These days you can even have your own custom made mattress for the perfect sleeping experience!

Custom Mattresses

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

If you have a need for a unique size mattress you may want to consider a component memory foam mattress. can custom cut memory foam layers to any height, width, or length. Therefore, if you have a unique sized bed frame (like one made in Europe) or you need a comfortable mattress for a diesel truck cabin, or a house boat cubby, or bunks in a cabin- a custom cut memory foam mattress may just be the ticket. We get calls from people with special mattress size needs every week, who are pleasantly surpised to hear that we can help them. We can also help people who would like a custom arrangement of foam density layers. For example: I recently helped my Dad create an “Olympic Queen” sized memory foam mattress with custom foam layers. You see my Dad had two problems: 1) his bed size is not standard, and 2) he has a tendency to get very warm when he sleeps, which causes him to wake throughout the night. Therefore,he needed a mattress that could keep cool. I was able to help him in both regards. First we custom cut four different foam layers to the Olympic Queen size, and second I sent him four individual foam layers:

3″ 30 ILD core foam piece (base layer)

3″ 35 ILD core foam piece (base layer)

2″ 5 lb Sensus memory foam (topper)

2″ 4 lb Aerus memory foam (topper)

10″ profile zippable terry-cloth/velour cover

We chose this particular arrangement to feature the Aerus (with special cooling features) as the top layer of foam (the layer closest in proximity to my Dad).

My Dad has been extremely pleased with his memory foam mattress. In fact, the first night he said “I slept through the entire night without waking once, because I never got warm.” He has had the mattress for four weeks now and says “I have not had a sore back even once” during that time.

The purpose of this post is to let our readers know that we can help them create any custom memory foam mattress, whether it be a unique size, foam density preference, or both.

Custom Mattress

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