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Starcraft Travelstar 19CK Mattress Replacement

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

We love getting emails like this at Rocky Mountain Mattress:

Re: Starcraft Travelstar 19CK Mattress Replacement

Rocky Mountain Mattress,
I wanted to let you know that I received the mattress today and am VERY pleased with the purchase! The fit and finish were excellent. It is currently expanding back out to its full/original shape in the camper.

Thanks again for all of your help!
Kyle Swartley

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Rocky Mountain Mattress on Pinterest

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Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Campers

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Campers

Campers make camping so nice. You don’t have to worry about setting up a tent that is missing stakes or poles that are broken. You don’t have to worry about going to bathroom in an outhouse or in the middle of a forest. All you have to do is drive up, park your camper. If you go camping in a campground, you can even have running water throughout your entire trip.
Campers really take all of the hassle out of camping. You can go camping “in-style” and completely comfortable. Many campers also have heating or air-conditioning. That really makes it nice! The only downside to campers is that the mattresses that it comes with are terrible. Basically, it is just a slab of some sort of cushion. Camper mattresses really can’t offer you much comfort or support.

Well, there is good news. You can order a custom made memory foam mattress for your camper. You can take the comfort and support of your memory foam mattress at home camping with you every single trip. Memory foam mattress has been the “next big thing” for years. It is no wonder why they are so popular, and have been for decades.

Memory foam mattresses finally offer people the comfort and support that they need. The comfort that memory foam mattresses really is unprecedented. As you lie on the mattress, it warms up using your body heat. As it is heated, it molds your body. It doesn’t matter how you are lying or what position you are in. The memory foam mattress completely conforms to you. As you sleep, it cradles you all night long. No more tossing and turning for you. Memory foam mattresses have also been proven to relieve pressure points and are widely used in the medical industry. Memory foam mattresses are great for people who suffer from back pain, neck pain, or pain from an uncomfortable mattress.

You don’t have to dread going camping anymore because of the mattress in your camper. Order a custom made memory foam mattress for your camper from Rocky Mountain Mattress. Our prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality of sleep you’ll get. If money is super tight, you could even order a memory foam mattress topper for your camper. Even if your camper dimensions are skiwampus, don’t worry. You can get any size or shape mattress. Make sure your take the right equipment along with you the next time you go camping…a customer made memory foam mattress for your camper.

To receive additional information on custom mattresses please complete our custom mattress form or email us at
or call 1-866-733-3132.

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