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Custom Size Foundation or Custom Size Box Spring Need

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

If you are in need of a custom size foundation or custom box spring, Rocky Mountain Mattress can handle it.

Many of our customers that purchase custom size bed from Rocky Mountain Mattress, or another company in the past, often express their frustrations to Rocky Mountain Mattress concerning the process they have had to go through to find or purchase a custom size box spring or mattress foundation that matches their custom size mattress. The fact is that there are very few companies in the sleep industry that can offer such a service as providing a custom size foundation to match the size of a custom mattress. The good news is Rocky Mountain Mattress can.

When mattress box springs or foundations are built they are produces in large quantity runs. If a company is actually cutting the wood used in the foundation they are going to have a machine set up to cut wood to the exact dimensions each cut so they can then run through the line process of gluing and stapling the wood together, installing the cardboard top, and then covering with fabric. If the manufacturer is not cutting wood, then they are having pre-cut wood delivered to them in what you could call a foundation kit. They then glue, staple, and cover the foundation. Changing the line or cutting machines takes a significant amount of time to only build one special size foundation, and therefore, most manufactures of foundations require buyers to make a minimum buy of say 100 units, leaving a customer with a hefty price tag if they want only 1 custom size foundation.

At Rocky Mountain Mattress we can produce custom size foundations to any spec required in about a week. The process we use is to custom cut and build the individual foundation much like a master carpenter would. We then cover it in a matching material to your mattress and ship it out. You are going to pay more for a custom size foundation than a standard size, about twice as much, but it’s much less than a run of 100, and besides…where on earth would you store the extra 99?

Below is a picture of one of our recent custom size foundations we produced that is just a tad smaller than a standard full so that it could fit into an antique bed frame. The foundation is on the top of the stack in the picture.

If you would like to order a custom size foundation of box spring please tell us what your needs are & fill out our form here: (someone will be contacting you shortly)

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