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Rocky Mountain Mattress Announces August 2013 Winner of The Mark A. Forester Foundation Essay Contest & Scholarship for Honoring Military Heroes

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Rocky Mountain Mattress recently held an essay contest in the name of The Mark A. Forester Foundation, prompting participants to reflect upon how they go about honoring military heroes. After carefully reviewing each submission, the charitable mattress company is proud to announce Alixandria Wright as the official scholarship winner and the grand recipient of $1,000 toward her college tuition at Ferris State University.

While there were many stunning essays written about honoring American soldiers, the judges found Wright’s piece to be particularly moving. Her essay chronicled the loss of her nineteen-year-old cousin, PFC Jason Wright, a soldier who was killed in action in December of 2003, during his tour in Iraq.

“Jason was supposed to come home for Christmas that December,” she recalls. “But gave up his leave to someone who had a wife and kid waiting on him, the sacrifice that eventually took his life.”

This wasn’t just an essay about the past, however. Because the contest was more about how participants currently honor military heroes, the judges were more specifically drawn to Wright’s everyday practices of honor.

“The definition of honor is to regard someone with great respect,” says Wright about her methods of homage. “So, I started to honor these people by the small act of thanking them. Since my cousin died, I have created a habit of thanking every service man or woman I see in uniform. I know it is not a lot in comparison for what they do for us, but it’s something I am able to do for them.”

It was this simple yet poignant sentiment that led Rocky Mountain Mattress to selecting Alixandria Wright as the essay winner and, as a result, the company is honored to reward her with $1,000 in tuition toward her schooling, on behalf of The Mark A. Forester Foundation and military heroes everywhere.

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