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How to Properly Clean your Memory Foam Mattress or Topper

Monday, May 13th, 2013

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Many people are excited to receive their high quality memory foam mattress or toppers, but become concerned when they first get them because they often give off a distinct smell after manufacturing. Have no fear. This is perfectly natural and while some individuals have sensitive olfactory senses, the smell is not an indication that there are any kind of dangerous chemicals in your mattress. We’ll break it all down for you; why it smells, and how to properly clean your memory foam mattress or topper.

Memory foam is made of polyurethane and this is why when it’s brand new it often has a distinct chemical-like odor. This smell has been described by some as being similar to fresh paint. Because it smells like this many individuals worry that they’re inhaling toxic fumes or chemicals, but this is not necessarily the case. Yes, the smell is produced by the type of material creating the highly dense and elastic material, but the gas emissions from the types of products creating the material are so small that they’re harmless.
Letting your new memory foam mattress or topper air out once you first get it will help considerably. While it airs out it will have a distinct odor that may fill a majority of the room at first, but be assured that this will start to go away, and eventually leave all together.

There are far more positives to owning a memory foam mattress that outweigh the negatives to be concerned about the smell. So many health issues can be resolved including joint and muscles aches, problems with the spinal column, and because the foam doesn’t allow for dust mites or mildew it controls allergies and asthma incredibly well too.

If you do find that you’re a little more sensitive to the smell than others there are ways to properly clean your mattress. It’s very important that you don’t clean your mattress like any other materials or fabrics you’re used to cleaning, which often include water-based cleaners. In fact, cleaning memory foam is done with a dry-cleaning technique that’s very simple and will remove any moisture to continue helping the memory foam from harboring bacteria and mildew.

Using baking soda and allowing for it to sit and absorb odors, moisture from sweat or body oils can refresh and keep your memory foam lasting much longer than any other type of mattress or pillow. For a great visual guide on how to clean your memory foam check out this video below!

How to Clean Memory Foam

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