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Rocky Mountain Mattress Awards $1000 Scholarship

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

This week Rocky Mountain Mattress awarded a $1000 scholarship to Lindsey Walters, a student at the University of Central Florida, on Monday, December 17, 2012.

Rocky Mountain Mattress celebrated Independence Day this past year by partnering with the Mark Forester Foundation for this award earlier. In accordance with Independence Day, this award was patriotic in nature. It included an essay contest for eligible students who submitted works with “Honoring the Heroes” as the central theme.

Thad Forester, of The Mark Forester Foundation and a panel judge for the essay contest said of the winner,
“She seemed to have the most intimate connection with the military, between her grandfather, who served for 30 years, and her father and brother who are both actively involved in law enforcement, her empathy and sincere appreciation for everyday heroes shined through.”

Mark A. Forester, a Senior Airman, is the inspiration for the scholarship. He was killed in Afghanistan while attempting to save a fallen comrade. His heroic story is what both Rocky Mountain Mattress and the Mark Forester Foundation asked contestants to keep in mind as they crafted their essays.

Any student who would be enrolled in a college during 2013 was eligible to submit an essay to this scholarship contest. Contestants submitted works of 300-500 words in length and the competition was strong.

Rocky Mountain Mattress is a custom mattress company. They work with mattress experts and are dedicated not only to getting people the sleep they need, but making their lives a little more stress-free with great customer service. They also have a personal connection to the Mark Forester Foundation. This, as well as helping students to gain a valuable education, and honoring the men and women who sacrifice so much, are the motivations behind awarding this scholarship.

Congratulations to Lindsey Walters!

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