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10 of The Most Ridiculously Creative Beds

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Considering we spend almost half of our lifetime in bed, it’s a wonder that people don’t get more creative with their sleeping arrangements. That said, in support of the bold few, we’ve decided to highlight a few cases where individuals have gone above and beyond the more mundane amenities to bring you the most ridiculously creative beds around.

  1. The Pumpkin Carriage Bed:
    If you’re making a list of ridiculously creative beds, this overly ornate Pumpkin Carriage (inspired by Cinderella) has to top the list. While this kind of bed surely has a limited shelf life before the young princess outgrows the fairytale phase, she’s likely the bell of the ball while it lasts.

    Princess Carriage Bed

    Princess Carriage Bed via Blogspot

  1. The Playground Bed:
    It’s a bird! it’s a plane! it’s a playground! It’s a … bed? While there probably isn’t much sleeping going on in this household due to the kids playing instead of napping, at least you save on gas for not having to commute to the park.

    The playground bed

    The playground bed Image Via Furniture Arcade

  1. The Zipper Bed:
    Sleeping bags are cozy and all but there isn’t much room for adjusting your position throughout the night – you’re pretty much resigned to one pose. However, combining the coziness of a sleeping bag but with the spacious sprawling ability of a full-sized bed, this zipper bed is the best of both worlds! 

    The Zipper Bed

    The Zipper Bed Image Via Room Art Decoration

  1. The Round Mattress:
    Speaking of adjusting positions, who says you need to sleep in one configuration? Cue the round bed. While rectangle beds pretty much force you to sleep length-wise, with the round mattress from Rocky Mountain Mattress you can sleep at infinite angles!

    Round Mattress

    Round Mattress via Rocky Mountain Mattress

  2. The Trampoline Bed:
    If you had an affinity for sleeping on the backyard trampoline as a child or if you fancy a night in a hammock in your later years, this one is for you. Because it’s not always warm enough to campout in your backyard, this bed brings the trampoline/hammock experience indoors, to be enjoyed year-round.

    The Trampoline Bed

    The Trampoline Bed via Blogspot

  1. The Rocking Bed:
    Rocking chairs are extremely relaxing and while it’s easy to nod off, sleeping in the upright position is never a recipe for a full night’s sleep. That said, we bring you this most creative rocking bed … the same perks of a rocking chair but with the horizontal sleeping comforts of a bed!

    The Rocking Bed

    The Rocking Bed via The Net War

  1. The Modified Hammock Bed:
    As our second tribute to the hammock on this list, we have this modified hammock bed. Again, combining the best of two worlds, this is a solid-state bed that still manages to provide the free-swinging sensation of a backyard hammock or porch swing.

    The hammock Bed

    The Hammock Bed Via Funzug

  1. The Fancy Cabin Bunks:
    Everyone has attempted to sleep in cabin bunks at one point (the key word being attempted). Whether it was at camp or Uncle Jim’s mountain cabin, there’s usually little comfort in rustic sleeping quarters – that is, until these plush two-story amenities came along.

    The fancy cabin beds

    The Fancy Cabin Beds via Purple Chair

  2. The Swan Bed:
    This bed is both creative and beautiful, however, much like Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage above, there is a short window of time for when this young lady will appreciate the grand gesture. Of course, after that, good luck moving what looks to be an extremely heavy one-piece fixture!

    The Swan Bed

    The Swan Bed via 2 Interior Design

  3. The Nest Bed:
    For every beautiful swan there is a nest where they lay their head at night – this one just so happens to be a cross between that resting place and the over-sized nest-like Olympic Stadium in Beijing, China. While this is certainly creative, the jury is still out on whether is tasteful or tacky.

    The Nest Bed

    The Nest Bed via Toxel

We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of ridiculously creative beds – one thing is for sure, it either made you extremely jealous of what you don’t have or beyond grateful for the nice, normal bed you call your own.

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