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Can people with latex allergies sleep on natural latex mattresses and toppers?

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

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Love, love, love my latex topper


Just thought you might like to read what another happy Rocky Mountain Mattress customer has to say about our Latex Toppers.

Here is some more information on Latex Toppers:

Can people who suffer from “latex allergies” sleep on latex mattresses or the natural latex mattress topper?

Pure natural latex is derived from the rubber tree. Most latex mattresses and pillows are made from 100% natural latex, but can be made from a blend of natural and synthetic latex.

All Natural Latex

All Natural Latex

Latex allergies first became noted in the 1990s. Proteins in the latex are the source of the allergic reactions, which can include: nasal congestion, runny nose, shortness of breath, wheezing and in the extreme case, anaphylactic shock. These particular proteins also occur in many common items such as tomatoes, bananas and milkweed. Most of the early cases of latex allergies stemmed from the health care community in persons regularly exposed to latex materials such as latex gloves. These types of latex products are manufactured by the dipped vulcanization process which is a closed cell process; this process does not allow for the proteins to be washed out during or at the completion of production. Moreover, to facilitate their wear, latex gloves are coated with a powder, which in turn allows for the latex proteins to be carried into the air and increases the likelihood of exposure.

Latex foam used in the manufacture of latex foam mattresses is made with an entirely different process called an open celled process. This process allows for thorough post-production washing. Most latex foam bedding is put through at least 5 washing or flushing cycles to ensure that almost all of the protein is removed from the latex. All latex foam bedding products are subsequently covered with non-latex products so there is never skin contact with the latex.

The FDA monitors complaints for allergic reaction to natural latex rubber. The largest manufacturer of natural latex products in the United States has reported that in their 28 years in the industry, there has never been a single complaint generated from the natural rubber found in latex pillows or mattresses.

As a precaution, severe latex allergy sufferers should obtain a mattress materials sample to be taken to their physician or allergy specialist for evaluation and recommendation.

Rocky Mountain Mattress does provide latex samples upon request for those who wish to test for allergies before purchasing. You can find our full selection of latex mattresses and toppers here

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