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Choosing the right thickness in a mattress topper – 2, 3, or 4 inches?

June 1st, 2011

Choosing the proper thickness of a memory foam or latex topper involves a few decisions that you have to make. These are:

Do I prefer a softer mattress, or a firmer mattress?
If you prefer to sleep on a harder mattress, a thinner memory foam mattress or latex mattress topper would be a better choice, allowing the firmness of your mattress to still be felt while providing a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Do I sleep on my side, back, or stomach? Here is a simple guide:

Stomach Sleeper = 2″ Topper

Back Sleeper = 2 or 3″ Topper

Side Sleeper = 3 or 4″ Topper
(you need the extra depth to adequately provide pressure-relief for shoulders and hips when sleeping on your side)

Multiple Position Sleeper = 3″ Topper
(3″ is the most common thickness because most people spend sleep at least part of the night on their side)

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should have a good idea of exactly what firmness and thickness of memory foam mattress topper will best suit your particular needs.

The last question should then be, “Is my mattress in good condition?”
If your mattress is not in general good condition – it’s bowed, lumpy, or damaged; a mattress topper will not fix the bed. You should consider purchasing an all mattress instead of a mattress topper.

Different types of memory foam topper samples

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