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What You Need to Know About Ordering a Custom Safari Airstream Mattress

August 13th, 2010

If you own a Safari Airstream or any other type of RV for that matter, you may find that the space you have for a bed in your RV is much different than in a home. Of course, this space is going to be smaller than most bedrooms in a non mobile home, which means that you are going to have to get creative when it comes to furnishing your bedroom in your RV. You can purchase many different sizes of dressers, TVs, counter space and so on, but when it comes to your bed, you are going to have to have custom Airstream mattress and bed made especially for your space.

safari airstream custom rv mattress
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The first thing that you need to know is what type of mattress you want to purchase. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a memory foam, a latex, or a traditional foam mattress, RMM can make a custom mattress made with any of these materials.

custom airstream mattress
custom rv airstream mattress
custom airstream mattress

In addition to choosing the type of bed you want, you also need to know the dimensions of the mattress space. You can easily take the measurements yourself, just remember to do it twice to ensure you have the right measurements. To get the proper measurement, simply measure from one side of the bed to the other inside of the bed frame where the mattress is going to be sitting. You will do this for both the width and the height. You will also need to stipulate the height of the mattress. A custom mattress doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You will find that the prices are comparable to a conventional size mattress in fact our prices are based off of the standard size mattress we have to work from plus a $60.00 “custom fee” for the customization work. So, the price will vary depending on the height and makeup of the mattress. To determine a price, please choose a mattress style and height from among our standard lineup of beds –

You can see our memory foam line here:

Our latex line here:

And our “Do it yourself” line of component mattresses here:
If you would like to purchase this model or any one of the others in a custom size please call Dave at 801-360-9009.

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To receive additional information on custom mattresses please complete our custom mattress form or email us at
or call 1-866-733-3132.

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