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Custom Fleetwood RV Mattress

August 5th, 2010

If you own a Fleetwood RV, then you are in an RV that screams innovations, customer services, and a warranty that cannot be beat. From the luxurious insides to the fuel efficiency, the Fleetwood RV is a luxury RV. The spacious sleeping space is also a big seller, but if you need a new mattress, it takes a little more work than walking into your local Fleetwood dealer .

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Since RV’s are custom, an RV bed is custom as well. You will need to take measurements to ensure you are getting the correct sized mattress. The first measurement is from rail to rail, or the width of the mattress. Measure all the way to the wall where the bed will rest.

Measurement number 2 is the length. The length is from the top of the mattress, where your head lies, all the way to the bottom. Make sure that you start at the very top, where the mattress is up to the wall.

Finally, you will need to measure the depth of the mattress. This is to satisfy any height restrictions and to fit appropriately in any area that exists for the mattress RV bed. If your RV mattress is even more custom, it may be shaped a little differently. Many RV mattresses have a rounded corner, or perhaps several. You can draw your mattress on a template and send it in to our warehouse by email, fax, or mail. Make sure to make the template to scale so that the mattress can be made exactly to specifications.

Whether driving a special edition Quest Fleetwood, or one of the several in the American Coach Fleetwood line we can custom make a high quality memory foam or all natural latex mattress for your vehicle.

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