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How To Buy A Custom Casita RV Mattress

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Casita RV’s are a great, efficient, cost effective RV. They are both durable and liightweight. One big benefit of Casita RVs is that they have spacious interiors with plenty of room for a toilet, shower, and a great custom mattress. However, if you are looking for a new mattress for your Casita RV, chances are that you will not find one at a store ready to buy. You will need to measure and order a custom RV mattress from a mattress company.

So, grab a tape measure and get ready to collect information on ordering your custom RV mattress.

Custom RV mattress for Casita RV
Image via: Casita Club

Measure from the side rail to the other side rail. This will become the width of your mattress. For the purposes of an RV, you will need to keep the size of your bed the same as the rails are built into the RV. Then measure from the head to the foot, making sure that you measure where the mattress sits and not where the top of the mattress would be. Finally, measure the lowest point that the mattress will sit on to the top of the frame so that the mattress will not be made deeper than the RV can handle. If you have a mattress that is going to be an unusual shape other than square or rectangular, you will need to take additional measurements and sketch them out so that the mattress manufacturer will know what to do.

When you order your custom RV mattress, take into account that RV beds may have different shaped edges. For instance, many RV mattresses have rounded edges, or what is called a cutoff corner. In this case, you will have to sketch or choose the mattress of your choice. Most have one corner that is rounded. Even among Casita trailers there will be differences as there are 4 models ranging from the 13 foot Patriot to the Liberty Deluxe that has choices in 16 and 17 feet. There are also different size options in the Freedom Deluxe and the Spirit Deluxe. Make sure to not only know how thick of a custom RV mattress your bed can take, but know how thick of a mattress you would like. Choices range from 6″ to 14″ with or without memory foam.

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