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Designing the right Custom RV Mattress for Casita RV Owners

July 30th, 2010

A Casita RV is a great vehicle to have, because it’s basically a hotel on wheels. It can be taken anywhere the road allows it go, and people can save a lot of money since they won’t ever have to rent a hotel.

Custom RV mattress for Casita RV
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However, the standard mattresses that come with most RVs aren’t that great, so many people are opting to order a custom RV mattress. This article will focus on how Casita RV owners can order a custom mattress.

When ordering a custom RV mattress, it’s important to take the shape for the area into consideration. This is one thing that many people tend to forget about. The areas where these mattresses go are usually different throughout a single RV. They may be rectangular with no corners cut off, or they could be rectangular with one of the four corners cut off. It’s extremely important to know what shape it needs to be, because it is a customized mattress.

Accurate measurements are also extremely important when ordering a custom RV mattress. To get the right width measurement, one should measure from the inside rail to the other side rail. The foundation should be sitting at the other side rail. To get the right length measurement, the length from the headboard all the way to the footboard should be measured. The height should also be measured just in case it may be a problem. The height should be measured from where the mattress actually sits to the footboard’s highest point. These three measurements are usually all a person will need in order to order their custom mattress.

custom airstream mattress
custom rv airstream mattress
custom airstream mattress

Now that all the measurements and shapes have been taken into consideration, it’s time to pick out the kind of custom RV mattress one will purchase. Memory foam beds are a great choice, because they are extremely comfortable and �middle of the road� priced. All natural latex mattresses are also available, and while they are more expensive they do offer many advantages (better for heavier people, and will generally sleep cooler). Call Dave today at 801-360-9009 for more information on ordering a custom Casita RV mattress.

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