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RV Mattresses for Airstream Lovers

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

RV owners love their vehicles and like to keep them looking good. Restoration is possible for most all parts and supplies, due to plentiful suppliers and clubs for Airstream lovers. RV owners need to be comfortable when on a camping trip or other long holiday. And a good Airstream RV mattress keeps you sleeping and resting well so your energy level allows you to enjoy your trip. For vintage RV owners, replacing an old worn-out mattress will help to sleep a lot better. Although some vintage parts are hard to replace, today’s mattresses can be custom-made to fit any bed.


Restoring and replacing the Airstream RV mattress is a unique challenge due to its unique shape and size. The Airstream beds usually have a curve at the head and rounded end corners. The radius varies and must be taken into account. How to measure your Airstream RV mattress:

  • First, measure the bed foundation (usually a plywood board) instead of the mattress, which has probably changed shape in its old age.
  • Then use a tape measure and get the length and width of the bed’s foundation, as well as the height of your old mattress.
  • Since the mattress has rounded corners, measure the length of each side of the plywood and draw a simple sketch going from the top to the end. This is the drawing you give to us.
  • (If you have height restrictions, measure from the resting area to the highest vertical point where the mattress rests on the side rails vertical to the highest point of the foot board.)

RV beds come in different types of latex, foam, and memory foam. Natural botanical latex mattresses may be a great choice if you are sensitive to allergies and chemicals.

Standard foam mattresses are fairly inexpensive. But they will compress and dent over time, and they are petroleum based (though some carriers make them with green options).

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The newer memory foam mattresses, though more costly (that standard foam), keep their shape, are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, and dust mite free.

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