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Customize an RV Mattress for Your Airstream RV

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Dear RMM,

I received my custom Airstream twin mattress today. I was amazed that FEDEX delivered the first mattress in less than 48 hours from shipping.

The mattress fits the curved end of the Airstream perfectly. The quality of the CoolMax mattress cover is excellent. The mattress is far more comfortable than the original Airstream-supplied innerspring. I think it is more comfortable than our queen at home which is a 4″ memory foam over a high-quality pillow top.

Thanks for working with me on this custom order!

John I.
Austin, TX

custom airstream rv mattress

owners of a custom airstream rv bed

No one wants to be uncomfortable in their RV travels. A flat, worn out mattress can put a damper on your adventures. If you drive an Airstream RV you can have a custom made Airstream mattress for your model and rest easy. While there will be a few things to consider like shape and of the memory foam mattress you will need, it’s well worth it to have a comfortable place to lay your head in your recreational vehicle. It’s a relatively simple process once you understand what is needed to get it done. Consider this your guide to traveling in comfort.

How to Measure for Your Mattress
  1. Width – In order to get the correct width measurement you need to take a tape measure and measure from one side to the other of the area where the mattress will be placed. Take care to measure the inside since that is where the mattress will go.
  2. Length – Here you will take your tape measure and measure from the top to the bottom of the area where your new custom mattress will be placed. Again, be sure to measure the inside and not the outside of this area.
  3. Height – It is possible that your mattress bed platform area has a height range it can manage. You will measure this by taking your tape measure and measure the inside of this area from the bottom vertically to the top. There may be a couple of inches of leeway to work with, but that will depend on where the rv mattress will put your body in relation to the ceiling of your RV.
custom airstream mattress
custom rv airstream mattress
custom airstream mattress

If your mattress area is not square, there is another way to accomplish getting the right custom made mattress for your recreational vehicle. You will simply make a blueprint of your mattress area by finding your Airstream floor plan online and drawing it out with the measurements as described above. You can also measure the radius to get the proper specifications on your mattress area for getting your custom Airstream RV bed. You may need a standard caliper for rounded edges or a protractor for angled edges. You can obtain these at any home improvement store.

Once you get your measurements or blueprint done you will then send in your specifications to get your custom rv mattress for your Airstream RV. It will make a big difference from the mattress you are sleeping on now during your travels.

order a custom made mattress

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