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Rocky Mountain Mattress Company Reviews & Testimonials

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Rocky Mountain Mattress:

In September 2009, I did an extensive search for a new queen size mattress for our motor home. The two year old mattress that came in the RV was killing my back. I hated to travel because of the bad sleep I would have. Due to chronic lower back pain, I was prepared to invest in what was supposedly the top of the line memory foam mattress. After trying them out in a local store, I got on line and found Rocky Mountain Mattress. Andrew helped me put together a custom 9″ mattress that would be good for my back, yet fit in the limited 9″ height space available in the motor home. The best part is that it was roughly 1/3 the price of Brand-T, or is that Brand-X?

Two weeks later the mattress arrived. I used it on a business trip the next few nights and slept better than I do at home on our sleep number bed. My wife and I have taken two more trips since the first one with the same results. The only problem I now have is getting her out of bed in the mornings! The matress is so comfortable. The good part is my back doesn’t hurt when I wake up in the morning.

This past week, I ordered 4 more mattresses from RMM: 1 custom to replace the sleep number bed, 1 other custom, and two standard beds. I guess you could say we are convinced you have a fine product and at a reasonable price.

Thanks for the prompt handling of our orders.

Charlie Neuenschwander
Austin, TX

THANK YOU FOR THE LATEX TOPPER!!!!! We tried it out and it is really wonderful. It fixed the problems we were having with a supposedly quality mattress, and we are very, very happy. It’s nice to know there’s an option for success in an industry that is very haphazard in its guidelines and marketing.

Merry Christmas.
Lynne Morrey

I received the new 8″ Airstream memory foam mattress and installed it yesterday in my Airstream. It fits perfectly and is at least twice the weight of the old mattress and 100 times more comfortable. I thought it was too small until I cut open the shipping bag when it expanded like a marshmallow.
Thanks again for your help. Now the Airstream has the mattress it should come with from the factory!!!
Louis Bonnet

I received the cover and put it on today. I must say I’m very impressed with the quality of the cover. The fabric feels sturdy but supple and the zipper on 3 sides made putting it on much easier. And the comfort of the latex topper has been superb. I wasn’t sure how effective it would be over my old mattress, but I couldn’t be more please.
Thank you.
D. Brown

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History of Memory Foam

Monday, January 11th, 2010

History of Memory Foam

During the 1960s, people began to be really displeased with the way many products were being made. At the same time, NASA began a major project. NASA wanted to create some sort of material that would protect astronauts during take-off. The professionals at NADA had no idea what they created.

NASA developed memory foam in the 1970s. Although they were astonished at what they created, it proved to be useless to them. Memory foam had characteristics of both a solid and a liquid at the same time. When you placed your hand into the foam, the print stayed for a short time after your hand was removed. The foam seemed to keep the ‘memory’ print of your hand for several minutes.

Just because NASA forgot about their invention doesn’t mean that memory foam went unnoticed. A Swedish company that was closely associated with NASA picked up memory foam and ran with it. This company kept experimenting with the foam until ten years later they developed a material that would not break down over time. This foam contained gel-like plastic that also seemed spongy. The open-cell structure of this material allowed the foam to deflate under pressure then redistribute the air bubbles to neighboring cells. Finally, memory foam had a useful purpose.

Tempur-Pedic was the first company to start marketing the new memory foam. At first, only hospitals and other health care facilities could afford the expensive mattresses. Patients reported a significant decrease in pressure points and increase in back support. It wasn’t until the 1990s that memory foam mattresses became affordable to the general public.

At first, memory foam mattresses were extremely expensive. It wasn’t until other companies began to sell the memory foam mattress that the price came down.

Memory foam is most often used in mattress toppers, pillows and mattresses. However, memory foam continues to prove to be a very versatile material. Memory foam is also found in positional sleep aids, office furniture, vehicle seat padding, footwear, pet beds, car seats, infant cribs, hip pads, wheel chair cushions, computer carrying cases, pistol gloves, padded sweatpants, tennis racquet handles and even ear plugs. The longer memory foam is on the market, the more products we will see using it.

We shared this graphic late last year about the history of the mattress, but wanted to share it again here because we feel its appropriate.

history of memory foam

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Need A Mattress For Your Chris Craft Boat?

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Custom Mattress For Chris Craft

Image via: Yacht Forums

Dave, et al.,

Got the mattress yesterday. Opened it up and let it relax, and tried it out. Looks like it will suit our needs just great. Thanks, again, for the timely response to our questions, and for the prompt and efficient way in which you filled our order.

I will be recommending Rocky Mountain Mattress to the Chris Craft company for any other customers that need a similar type replacement for their v-berth.


Image via:

Thanks, again.


Jack Ceo

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Futon Mattresses: An Overview

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Futon Mattresses: An Overview

A futon is flat, thick mattress that is stuffed with filling. These mattresses go on futon frames, which are Japanese-style beds. Traditionally, futons were designed to be stored away during the day. Futon mattresses are great for college dorms and guest rooms. Although futons are not ideal for everyday, futon mattresses have made a major comeback through the years.

The most important component of a futon mattress is the mattress filling. This filling determines how long the mattress will last, as well as the firmness of the mattress. Futon mattress filling can be cotton, foam or innerspring. Cotton filling is used often because it is very inexpensive. However, it does break down faster than innerspring fillings and foam fillings. Many futon mattresses are made up of a mixture of cotton and foam. The foam is added to the cotton to cut down on cost and to help extend the life of the mattress. Innerspring futon mattresses are similar to innerspring traditional mattresses. The main difference is that futon mattresses are obviously thinner. Latex futon mattresses are available for more high-end mattresses.

Futon mattresses come in the standard firmness levels: soft, medium and firm. Much of the firmness level depends on the type of filling that is used. If you want your futon mattress to last longer and to have a high-quality, you need to choose a futon mattress that is at least six inches thick.

It is also important to choose a good quality futon frame. Choose a frame that will last as long as you need the bed. If you are looking for a cost-effective bed for your college dorm or guest room, a futon mattress may be just what you need.

A reminder that Rocky Mountain Mattress can custom make any size or type (memory foam, latex etc) futon mattress. Please visit the link below to get started:

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