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Worried About Your Mattress Being Compressed In Shipping?

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Many consumers worry about buying a memory foam bed. Why? These consumers are worried about the bed being compressed. In order to ship memory foam, the mattress has to be compressed. The key is to buy the right memory foam mattress from the right retailer. If you do this, your memory foam mattress will be compressed temporarily (just long enough to ship it) instead of being compressed for months on end.

Large, nationwide retailers carry memory foam beds, pillows and toppers that have been imported from China. These products stay compressed for months. Often times, these products have been compressed from the time they are manufactured until the time a consumer buys it. These products have been compressed for way too long and have probably lost all of their memory foam properties.

When memory foam has been compressed too long, it becomes damaged. Instead of uncompressing, these products stay compressed long after you’ve unwrapped them. Memory foam should not be compressed for any longer than 2-3 months. If it is compressed longer than this time frame, it has a greater chance of becoming damaged. Memory foam products that sit on the shelf for months lose its ability to bounce back, its ability to conform to your body, its ability to reduce pressure points, and its functionality altogether.

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of memory foam, you need to buy it from a specialty mattress retailer. These retailers carry the American-made memory foam. Not only is American memory foam a much higher quality, but it isn’t compressed until it is ready to be shipped. You can be sure that your memory foam stays fresh when you purchase an American-made memory foam product. In short, the problem isn’t that the memory foam is compressed, it is because the memory foam has been compressed for too long. Two to three months is the magic number to know if your memory foam product has been packaged for too long.

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How To Tell If You Have Had Too Much Sex On Your Old Mattress

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

how to tell if you need a new mattress

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