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The Full Time Rv’er and Travel Trailers

September 19th, 2009

Retired people and couples sometimes spend all of their time traveling in an RV or travel trailer. These people are considered ‘full time RV’ers.’ An RV is a usually described as a vehicle that doubles as a temporary travel home. An RV is also sometimes called a motor home.

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You recently shipped me a topper for our queen size home mattress that was reported to be cooler due to the cellular construction. It has more than met our expectations and my wife is ecstatic, as she now sleeps in cooler comfort. In addition, you made a short queen for our Airstream 25 foot trailer that has similarly returned sleep to a child-like blissful state. I am amazed by your craftsmanship and timely delivery. Count me as a super satisfied customer that would and have already recommended you to others.


Dr. Terry Kneisler

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattress for RVs

RVs are perfect for short-time leisure. RVs make the perfect home-away-from-home on vacations, camping or even full-time living. At the least, an RV contains a bed, a table, a place for food-preparation and places for storage. Larger and more luxurious RVs have full bathrooms, refrigerators, living area, a master bedroom, etc. The most luxurious RVs can even have Internet access, satellite TV, awnings, etc. RVs can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $1,500,000 or more.

A travel trailer is often used for the same purposes but are a bit different. A travel trailer is simply a trailer that is pulled behind a vehicle. Travel trailers provide a place to sleep and can be used as a temporary home. Travel trailers that are used for full-time use are larger than those that are used for summer vacationing or shorter trips. Large travel trailers can provide all of the comforts of a luxury condominium. Many travel trailers are equipped with beds, a bathroom, a kitchen area, storage, a living area, etc.

What is the most important component for an RV or travel trailer to have if used full-time? A mattress. It is so important to have good quality mattresses in your RV or travel trailer, especially if you plan on living there. RVs and travel trailers often come with cheap mattresses. These mattresses won’t provide any support or comfort for a short period of time, so how can you expect it to give you the comfort and support you need on a full-time basis?

Rocky Mountain Mattress offers mattress customization for any size or need. This means that you can order a high quality memory foam or latex mattress in the correct specifications for your RV or trailer travel. It is more convenient and cost-effective to get better mattresses for your travel home now than ever before.

Rocky Mountain Mattress has the best prices and the best products. If you are in the market, place an order today or call and let one of our experienced sales rep take care of you. Rocky Mountain Mattress is a reputable company – check us out at the BBB. If you are considered a full time RV’er or travel trailer, you need to think seriously about replacing those worn-out RV and travel trailer mattresses.

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