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How is Talalay Latex made?

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Latex mattresses have been around for quite some time. However, these mattresses are gaining popularity among the general public. Top quality all natural latex mattresses are more comfortable and longer-lasting than traditional mattresses. There are two kinds of latex mattresses: Talalay mattresses and Dunlop mattresses. Let’s take a closer look at how Talalay mattresses are made.

Talalay latex mattresses use the Talalay process to manufacture and produce the latex. This process uses the finest materials and produces the finest latex.

Complete Guide To Latex Bedding

Complete Guide To Latex Bedding

The Talalay process is as follows:
1. Rubber is taken from the natural rubber tree.
2. Liquid rubber is then whipped so that it becomes a foam-material. It is then poured into a mold.
3. The mold is closed and rods are inserts through the foamed rubber.
4. A vacuum is placed on top of the mold. This vaccum removes all air bubbles and pockets. It also distributes the rubber (in its liquid form) evenly throughout the mold.
5. The rods are turned on; they contain CO2 which freezes the rubber. This step is critical because it locks in the consistency.
6. Next, heat is sent through the rods. Heat provides an even temperature and delivers a consistent latex core that does not contain air bubbles, air pockets or uneven firmness.

The Talalay process does not use any chemical fillers or extenders in its products. There are a few products that are added to the rubber to convert it from a liquid to a solid material. These products are: soap, ammonia, zinc oxide and sulfur. There is a very small amount of these products in Talalay latex mattress, so these mattresses are still considered natural. Plus, the ammonia evaporates out of the finished product. The soap and the zinc oxide are washed out.

There are two main forms of Talalay latex: Blended Talalay latex and Natural Talalay Latex. Blended Talalay latex products contain 30 percent natural rubber and 70 percent synthetic rubber. Natural Talalay latex products do not use any fillers. These products use 100 percent latex rubber from the rubber tree. We use a Natural Talalay Latex top in our 9″ Talalay Latex Mattress.

3 Ways A Good Bed Can Help You Overcome Sleepless Nights

Friday, July 17th, 2009

How long have you spent tossing and turning all night long? Sleep is probably one of the most important aspects for a long and fulfilling life. Without sleep, you can’t be productive or even useful. Too many people across the world sacrifice sleep for no reason at all.

sleepless night
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A good bed can help you overcome sleepless nights. Those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep can often solve the problem by changing mattresses. Here’s how a good bed can help you overcome your sleepless nights.

1. Comfort. When was the last time you replaced your mattress? Have you been sleeping on the same mattress for more than 8 years? 10 years? 15 years? 20 years? If so, it is definitely time to replace your mattress. It is important to choose a mattress that is comfortable. Common sense tells us that a comfortable mattress equals a good night’s sleep and that an uncomfortable mattress equals a sleepless night. Choose a mattress that provides comfort to your individual body.

2. Support. All too often, people sleep on a mattress that does provide the correct quality of support. It is so important that your entire body is properly supported while you sleep. Much of the fatigue people feel when they wake up in the morning is attributed to incorrect support. Remember that everyone needs different support. Choose a mattress that will also keep your spine properly aligned. This is another important element for a good night’s sleep.

3. The right mattress. Do you use an innerspring mattress? Do you think that that is the only type of mattress out there? Well, think again. There are many kinds of mattresses. If you have been sleeping on an innerspring mattress your entire life and aren’t getting the rest you need, it is probably time to invest in another kind of mattress. You can choose from air mattresses, water beds, memory foam mattresses and latex foam mattresses. Each of these mattresses come with its own list of pros and cons. Customers seem to be more satisfied with the latex foam mattresses, but these are pricey. Carefully consider a new kind of mattress to overcome sleepless nights.

A good bed may be just what you need to overcome sleepless nights. Try these suggestions to make sure you choose the right bed and the right mattress. Kiss those sleepless nights goodbye.

10 Celebrity Insomniacs and their home remedies to sleep better.

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

As a society, we try to relate to famous individuals. Everyone can relate to someone famous. What if you could relate to a celebrity but it wasn’t necessarily for a great reason. Check out this list. Here are the top 10 celebrities and their home remedies to sleep better.

1. Marlene Dietrich (actress)-Ate a sardine and onion sandwich on rye to sleep at night.
2. Amy Lowell (poet)- Often reserved 5 hotel rooms but only one to sleep in. She would make sure that their were empty rooms on either side of her, above and below to ensure absolute quiet.
3. W.C. Fields (actor)-Sometimes, he could only fall asleep under a beach umbrella that was sprinkled with a garden hose.
4. Alexandre Dumas (author)-He took late-night strolls to cure his insomnia.
5. Judy Garland (actress)-She had been prescribed amphetamines as a teenager to control her weight. She took so many of these that she often would be up for three or four days straight. She eventually died of a drug overdose.
6. Tallulah Bankhead (actress)-She hired young girls to keep her company and hold her hand until she fell asleep.
7. Franz Kafka (author)-From his journal dated October 2, 1911, “Sleepless night. The third in a row. I fall asleep soundly, but after an hour I wake up, as though I had laid my head in the wrong hole.”
8. Theodore Roosevelt (U.S. President)-He would take a shot of cognac in a glass of milk.
9. Groucho Marx (comic actor)-On his sleepless nights, he would call people up in the middle of the night and insult them.
10. Mark Twain (author)-When he was staying as a guest at a friend’s house, he threw a pillow out of the window. He was able to finally fall asleep once the crash let in what he thought was enough fresh air. In the morning he found out that he had broken a glass-enclosed bookcase.

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