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Body Pillows, Neck Pillows, And Memory Foam For A Better Sleep

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

A pillow is defined as a large cushion that is used to support the head. A pillow is usually used while sleeping in a bed. It can also be used on a chair or couch. The use of pillows dates back to Ancient Egyptians. These pillows were used by ancient Egyptians and were found in many Egyptian tombs. Pillows then began to be as commodities in China, then Persia, then Medieval Europe.

There are many different types of pillows. Body pillows, neck pillows and memory foam pillows can be the perfect addition to a better night’s sleep.

Body Pillows
Body pillows are long pillows. These pillows are as long as a full adult body. Body pillows give optimal support to the head and neck, as well as to the knees and legs at the same time. Body pillows are ideal for side sleepers and pregnant women.

Neck Pillows
Neck pillows offer additional support to the neck. These pillows provide a deep area for the head to rest. These pillows also feature an area that keeps the neck properly aligned. Neck pillows are also called cervical pillows. These are ideal for people who suffer from back or neck pain.

Memory foam Pillows
Memory foam pillows provide the benefits of memory foam to the head and neck. Memory foam uses innovative technology that uses the sleeper’s body temperature to warm up the material. Once the memory foam is heated, it provides a soft cradle to the neck and head.

Body pillows, neck pillows and memory foam pillows can add the right touch to any sleep. If you already have the perfect mattress, but are looking for something extra, try a body pillow, neck pillow or memory foam pillow.

5 Ways to make your bedroom more eco-friendly

Friday, April 24th, 2009

People are ‘going green’ everywhere. From cars to groceries, consumers are wanting alternative ‘green’ energy sources and are looking for ways to reduce their own personal carbon footprint. Here are five easy ways to make your bedroom more eco-friendly.

1. Lighting – The easiest way to make your bedroom more environmentally friendly is to change the lighting. Using energy efficient light bulbs can keep your energy costs down. Enough energy would be saved to power a city of 1.5 million people if just 110 million households used just one energy efficient lightbulb in their home. Not only will you cut energy costs, but the light you will get from an eco-friendly lightbulb will last longer and be brighter.

2. Furniture – You can find eco-friendly furniture everywhere these days. Vaughan-Bassett has started a program that really helps out the environment. Vaughan-Bassett has already donated over 150,000 tree seedlings to the Virginia Department of Forestry. Once these seedlings are planted, the company replaced every tree that has ever been used in the domestic production of its bedroom and dining room suites. There are also more ways to produce furniture in environmentally friendly ways.

3. Bedding – The most important thing you do to make your bedroom eco-friendly is to get eco-friendly bedding. You can easily find organic sheets, pillows and comforters. Latex mattresses are the most environmentally friendly mattresses on the market. Latex foam is found and produced naturally. These mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

4. Rugs – Earth-friendly rugs are everywhere these days. Eco-friendly rugs are made from bamboo, jute, sisal, coir and seagrass. Rugs are a fun way to make your bedroom environmentally friendly and add a splash of personality.

5. Paint – Did you ever think you would be able to use eco-friendly paint? Low VOC or zero VOC do not contain the harmful chemicals that other paints do. These paints are safer and more efficient than regular paint.

Making your bedroom eco-friendly is easy to do these days. Use energy efficient lightbulbs, furniture, rugs and paint. Don’t stop there though, think of what you can do to help out and feel free to comment on this post to share your ideas! Making your bedroom eco-friendly is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with these great ideas.

6 Health benefits of using an adjustable bed

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Adjustable beds have been around for years. An adjustable bed is just a bed that has a multi-hinged lying surface. This surface can be changed to rest in many different positions. The most common adjustment for an adjustable bed is inclining the upper body and raising the lower body, independently of each other.

Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have been used in hospitals for decades. Adjustable beds have become a popular trend in home health care in the past thirty years. The reason that these beds have been used in the medical field for so long, and are becoming more popular for the general public’s use is that they have so many health benefits. Let’s talk about some of the many health benefits of an adjustable bed.

1. Lower back pain. Adjustable beds have been proven to ease lower back pain. Lying on a flat surface doesn’t always keep your spinal curves aligned properly. Using a memory foam mattress with an adjustable bed can keep your spine aligned properly and supported naturally.

2. Shoulder and Neck Tension. Many people go to bed with neck and shoulder tension from a long, hard day. Many mattresses and beds do not take away this tension, but add to it. Adjustable beds can keep the upper body elevated and can keep the natural curve of the neck aligned. Some adjustable beds even offer massage settings that can really relieve shoulder and neck tension.

3. Circulatory issues. Certain mattresses and beds create pressure points because they are too firm. Pressure points decrease the amount of circulation in your body. Sleeplessness, numbness in arms and legs, and a feeling sluggish are all effects of decreased circulation. Using a memory foam or latex foam mattress with your adjustable bed can actually increase your body’s circulation. Keeping your legs and upper body slightly elevated while you sleep can also eliminate circulatory issues.

4. Asthma and other breathing difficulties. Many people who suffer from asthma have a hard time at night. By keeping the upper body elevated takes pressure off of the lungs. When this pressure is taken off of the lungs, breathing becomes much easier. Other breathing difficulties can arise while sleeping. Keeping the legs elevated can stimulate the entry of fluid into the circulatory system and out of the lungs.

5. Edema. Edema is when an abnormal amount of fluid builds up in the body. It can cause major swelling in the hands and other extremities. Keeping your legs elevated can significantly reduce edema.

6. Acid Reflux. Many people around the world suffer from acid reflux. It is caused by the lower esophageal sphincter relaxing too much. When the sphincter relaxes this much, it allows stomach acids to leak back into the esophagus. Doctors recommend elevated the head and upper body to reduce acid reflux.

There are countless health benefits to using an adjustable bed. You might find more health benefits than someone else. Adjustable beds and the right mattress can significantly improve your health.

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