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Leggett and Platt Compared To Ergomotion Adjustable Beds

March 18th, 2009

Adjustable bed frames add more versatility to any mattress. Adjustable beds are much more luxurious now than ever before. Leggett and Platt is an American company that offers high quality adjustable beds. Ergomotion is made by a Chinese company. Let’s take a closer look between the two manufacturers.

Leggett and Platt
Leggett and Platt specializes in adjustable beds. L&P offers the S-cape adjustable bed, the Optima, the Silouette, the Pro-Motion, the Profile, the Adjusta-Magic and the Lifestyles adjustable bed. All of the L&P adjustable beds come with added features that customize the bed frame. These features may include: remote control hand wand, Wallhugger engineering, high quality motors, durable rolling casters, massage options, heat options, variable height options, etc.

Leggett and Platt adjustable frames come in two main operating systems. You can choose from the DC Whisper Quiet Operating System or the AC Powerlift Operating System. Both operating systems come with a different warranty.

DC Whisper Quiet Operating SystemS-Cape Adjustable Bed by Leggett and Platt
Adjustable beds that are powered by the DC Whisper Quiet Operating System come with a good warranty. These beds come with a 1st Year Full Service Warranty. The warranty also covers part-only repairs for the entire second year. It also has a Lifetime Limited Warranty. There are six adjustable beds to choose from that come with this operating system. These include: S-Cape DC, Optima DC, Promotion DC, Profile DC, Lifestyles DC, and the Silhouette DC.

AC Powerlift Operating System
The AC Powerlift Operating System comes with a bit of a more extended warranty. The warranty covers the first year of full service. The second year of the warranty through the fifth year covers parts only. It also includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Seven adjustable beds come with this operating system. These include: the S-Cape AC, Optima AC, Promotion AC, Profile AC, Lifestyles AC, the Silhouette AC and the Adjusta-Magic.

Leggett and Platt adjustable beds are the highest quality adjustable bed frames on the market today. L&P offers incredible warranties on these beds. Customers also have the option to add an extended warranty in addition to the standard warranty. The extended warranty covers the labor component of the warranty for an additional
two years. The labor component of the warranty can be added for an additional four years. Leggett and Platt adjustable beds deliver supreme quality with excellent warranties. Instead of offering several different warranties, Ergomotion beds come with a 20 year limited warranty.

Leggett and Platt manufacture high quality adjustable bed frames. These bed frames are considered to be more luxurious than other adjustable bed frames. L&P adjustable bed frames come with a variety of options, features and warranty options. Ergomotion adjustable beds are a slightly lower quality product. These beds don’t come with as many options as the L&P adjustable beds. Either way, L&P adjustable beds and Ergomotion beds offer a versatile night’s sleep.

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