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A Brief History of the Mattress

February 5th, 2009

A Brief History of the Mattress

What is the most important part of your bedding? Of course, your mattress. The average person spends over one-third of their lifetime sleeping. Can’t you see why it is so important to use a high quality mattress.

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, textures, materials, etc. It isn’t very difficult to find a high quality mattress that will fit your individualized needs. In fact, it is easier and more cost effective now to get a good quality sleep.

It can be helpful to understand what our ancestors had to sleep on to really appreciate the quality of sleep that you get every night.

-Between 8,000 B.C. and 6,000 B.C., people moved from sleeping on the floor to sleeping on simple mattresses. These primitive mattresses were often made from leaves and grass and were held together by animal skin.
-The first water-bed was invented around 3,500 B.C. by the Persians. These mattresses were made from goatskins and were filled with water.
-Affluent Romans of the Roman Empire began to sleep on feather-filled mattresses around 200 B.C.
-Mattresses were filled with water, leaves, grass, hay, etc for several hundred years.
-Steel coils were patented in 1865 for the purpose of adding support to mattresses.
-A higher quality water-bed was introduced in 1873.
-The first box-spring mattress was invented during the late nineteenth century.
-Expensive latex mattresses were first introduced in 1929.
-The futon was introduced in North American during the 1940s.
-The first adjustable bed was invented in 1953.
-NASA created memory foam rubber during the 1970s.
-Air mattresses were introduced in the 1980s.
-Tempur-Pedic begins selling memory foam mattresses to the general public

Mattresses have come a long way since 8,000 B.C. Mattresses can be inexpensive and extremely comfortable now instead of being expensive and not comfortable at all.

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