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4 Medical Benefits of a Foam Mattress

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Medical Benefits of a Foam Mattress

There is a reason memory foam mattresses were began being used in the health care industry. Memory foam mattresses have many medical benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Conforming. Memory foam mattresses aren’t rigid like other mattresses. While other mattresses resist the contours of your body, memory foam mattresses conform to the shape of your individual body. Memory foam mattresses use your body temperature to heat the foam. Once the foam is heated, it can conform to your favorite sleeping position.

2. Firm vs. Soft. Some mattresses are too firm. Other mattresses are too soft. It can be hard to find the perfect mix. The problem with mattresses that are too firm is that they do not provide you with optimal comfort. The problem with mattresses that are too soft is that they do not provide enough support. Memory foam mattresses are firm enough to keep your body supported, but soft enough to be completely comfortable.

3. Responsiveness. Memory foam mattresses have a delayed response time to ensure that the mattress
molds to your body. This delayed responsiveness allows memory foam to provide better orthopedic support. Memory foam distributes your weight evenly so that you can wake up the next morning ache and pain-free.

4. Pressure Points. Traditional mattresses can create pressure points instead of relieving them. Innerspring coils can eventually poke through the outer mattress layers. These coils end up poking you all night long. Memory foam mattresses do not contain any springs or coils. Because of this, memory foam relieves and alleviates pressure points. Memory foam is also more dense than other mattresses. This allows memory foam to disperse the few pressure points away from your vertebrae.

Memory foam has been proven to dramatically reduce arthritis and can help relieve joint pains. These mattresses have also been very useful for patients who have recently undergone surgery. Memory foam mattresses are also very beneficial for pregnant women. If you want to enjoy the medical benefits of a memory foam mattress, you need to be sure to buy a quality mattress. Don’t waste your money on cheap imitations. These ‘memory foam’ mattresses won’t benefit your body at all. Stick to top-quality memory foam mattresses if you want to start feeling better physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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