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Memory Foam From China – Cheap In More Ways Than One

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Memory Foam From China – Cheap In More Ways Than One

Memory foam mattresses can be excellent products. These mattresses can take you from a bad night’s sleep to a good one. Memory foam mattresses have been proven to significantly reduce pressure points and have been used in the health care industry for decades.

The problem is that there are many cheap, imitation memory foam mattresses that are not beneficial at all. Most of these mattresses are from China. America gets a lot of its products from China (everything from toys to toothbrushes). However, China hasn’t been all that reputable lately.

Remember when the U.S. recalled millions of toys because China had used lead paint? Remember when there was a massive recall of toothbrushes because they were tainted? Remember the tainted wheat gluten? Remember the tainted fish? Yes, all of these harmful products came from China.

Memory foam mattresses from China are not all that different. Chinese manufacturers of memory foam experience a spoilage rate of over 40 percent of all of their foam. Chinese memory foam has no benefit for the sleeper. Instead, you will wake up feeling achy and exhausted.

When these mattresses and mattress toppers are manufactured, they are heavily compressed. This compression process takes all of the life (if there was any to begin with) out of the product. To make things worse, these mattresses often spend weeks and months in storage. The longer memory foam is in storage, the shorter life it has. Chinese memory foam mattresses also have a very strong chemical odor to them.

The bottom line is that Chinese memory foam is not good. It may be cheaper, but these mattresses carry no other benefits. You are much better off spending a little bit more and getting a top-quality, American-made memory foam. This way, you will actually see and feel the quality of your health improve. Simply put, memory foam mattresses from China are cheap in more ways than one.

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