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If You Got Back Pain You Need To Try a Memory Foam Mattress

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Need Help With Back Pain? – Try a Memory Foam Mattress

I have a number of family members and friends who suffer from chronic back pain. It pains me to see them in so much pain. Each one of them has had to have back surgery. I have watched as some of them have gotten better and some of them haven’t. The men who have gotten better, interestingly enough, sleep on a memory foam mattress.

Why would a memory foam mattress make any difference to back pain sufferers? Well, memory foam was invented by NASA in the 1970s. The material didn’t prove to be helpful for their needs. Instead, hospitals and health care facilities around the world began putting memory foam mattresses on their beds. Surprisingly enough, the memory foam mattresses actually aided many patients’ recovery process.

Memory foam mattresses do an excellent job relieving pressure points. Instead of creating pressure points (like innerspring mattresses do), memory foam mattresses eliminate them completely. There are no steel coils or springs that can create pressure on your body. Instead, your body sleeps on a soft platform of memory foam.

Memory foam mattresses use your body temperature to heat up the material. Once the memory foam is heated, it is able to mold to your individual shape. Whether you like to sleep on your back, side or stomach, a memory foam mattress can give you optimal comfort and support.

You don’t have to live in constant back pain anymore. Back pain patients who sleep on a memory foam mattress often regain their strength and their pain is decreased dramatically. The more your back is supported and comforted during the night, the more you will be able to do during the day. If you need help with back pain, you definitely need to try a memory foam mattress.

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