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Here Is What A Floating Bed Looks Like

December 1st, 2008

floating bed

Doesn’t this chic bed look inviting? This innovative bed is called The Float Bed. New Zealand designer David Trubridge recently unveiled the float bed. David’s company, Okooko, is known for providing “green” mattresses and furniture. Okooko only offers environmentally friendly products.

The Float Bed is a modern twist on the traditional canopy bed. It is made from natural latex, bamboo and wool. The natural latex mattress is sure to provide an optimal sleeping experience, while also providing environmental benefits.

David has an interesting philosophy about what a mattress should be; he concludes that beds and mattresses need to be “more romantic, and more flexible in their design and application.” His vision for The Float Bed was elaborate. The Float Bed can be used and/or moved anywhere. The shape of the bed provides a cocoon-like atmosphere which provides a feeling of security. It also shelters the sleeper from the elements and creates a private sleep space.

The Float Bed has already become extremely popular for those that can afford the steep price tag – this designer bed costs $25,000. I guess that people who want the freedom of sleeping anywhere, even on a soft blanket of water, are willing to pay a lot of money to experience such joys!

However, for those of you that just choked on the price, you might be interested in knowing that we also make a mattress made from 100% natural latex, organic bamboo and organic juma wool which depending on the size (Twin – Cal King) will only cost you between $1000-$2000 for everything including delivery! So, if you want to sleep on a natural mattress but can’t “float” the $25,000 price tag for “the float bed” take a look at our 9″ All Natural Talalay Latex Mattress here

All Natural Latex Mattress

All Natural Latex Mattress

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