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4 Ways To Reduce Bed Sores And Bed Ulcers

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Reduce Bed Sores And Bed Ulcers

Patients who are on bed rest tend to get bed sores and bed ulcers. What is a bed ulcer or a pressure ulcer? It is an area of skin that breaks down after you stay in one position for too long, without shifting your weight. The area is affected when there is constant pressure against the skin. This pressure reduces the blood supply to that area and the affected tissue dies. You can get ulcers if you use a wheelchair, if you are bedridden or even after short periods of time.

There are different stages of bed sores and ulcers. Stage 1 is when the area is reddened and is “non-blanch-able.” This means that the area does not turn white when you press on it. This is the first sign that a bed sore or bed ulcer is forming. When the skin starts to blister or forms an open sore, the area has moved to stage 2. During stage 2, the area of skin around the affected area may also be red and irritated. Stage 3 is when there is a breakdown of the skin. When this occurs, the skin looks like a crater. This is because there is damage to the tissue that is below the skin. The last stage is stage 4. Stage 4 is extremely serious. It occurs when the ulcer or sore has become so deep that there is muscle or bone damage. In some rare cases, it can also cause tendon damage or joint damage.

If you suspect that you are getting a bed sore or bed ulcer for any reason, it is important that you take necessary steps immediately.

1. Relieve the pressure. You can use pillows, special foam cushions or lambs wool to reduce the pressure that has build up in that area.

2. Treat. Treat your wound according to what stage it is in. Your doctor or nurse will provide you with specific treatments based on your individual case.

2. Avoid further trauma or friction. Use baby powder on the sheets to help reduce friction. You can also go to a medical supply store to see what products they offer. Often times, a memory foam mattress or mattress topper is an excellent way to minimize increased pressure, trauma or friction.

3. Improve nutrition. Make sure you are eating well and getting the nutrition you need. This is an important step in helping your wounds to heal quickly.

4. The right products. As mentioned before, memory foam mattresses are the best mattresses to use if you need to be in bed for an extended period of time. These mattresses distribute your weight evenly and reduce pressure points drastically. Memory foam mattresses are the ideal mattresses to use to reduce friction and are commonly used for bedridden patients or patients who have undergone surgery.

Bed sores and bed ulcers can make your health condition worse. These forms of trauma can get very serious in a short amount of time. Make sure you take the necessary steps to prevent and reduce bed sores and bed ulcers. Using a memory foam mattress is the best way to prevent such wounds.

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