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Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Any Size Needed

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Any Size Needed

Memory foam mattresses come in any size or shape. You can order a custom made memory foam mattress in any size or shape. You can get a special memory foam mattress for your home, your boat, your RV, your camper, your truck…anything you want. You can even order a custom made memory foam mattress for your dog.

Here is a picture of a custom cut memory foam mattress that Rocky Mountain Mattress made for an RV:

custom made mattress

In fact, a unique memory foam mattress was highlighted on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The was shaped like a giant basketball. Celebrities and famous people are also ordering custom memory foam mattresses. Micheal Einziger, the lead guitarist for Incubus, recently ordered a memory foam mattress made to fit the shape of his media room loft area. The loft is a very unique shape and the memory foam mattresses allows the singer to really relax while writing music, watching a movie or sleeping.

You can choose the density, thickness, size, and shape of your mattress. Choose a really dense mattress if you want extra comfort and support. You can even get a memory foam mattress topper in any size or shape if you want to test the memory foam material. People who try memory foam mattresses are rarely disappointed. This is because memory foam has been proven to relieve pressure points, and provide a supreme amount of comfort and support.

If you have an odd size bed frame that you are just dying to fill, don’t wait any longer. Get a custom made memory foam mattress. You can specify the size, shape, thickness, density, the way it is made, etc. Whether you are looking to treat yourself, someone you know or your dog, custom memory foam mattress are worth every penny. They will give you comfort, support and relieve pressure points.

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