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Custom Made Round Beds

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Those who like round beds

round beds

Do you watch ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Did you see the October 30, 2007 edition? Remember seeing the huge round basketball bed? That bed was made out of memory foam. Did you ever imagine that memory foam mattresses could be made into a huge round shape? Some people actually prefer round beds. Similarly, many people prefer memory foam beds. It just got better because you can now get round memory foam mattresses.

Have you ever heard of The Floating Bed? These beds have capitalized on the round design. The round beds hang in place and can be hung inside or outside. Customers have really like the fact that they have the freedom to rotate while they sleep. Instead of having to stay in one spot while you sleep, you can move anywhere you’d like.

Now people can take advantage of round mattresses and memory foam mattresses. They can enjoy the comfort and support of memory foam and the freedom of a round bed. You can order a small round bed, a medium size round bed or a huge round bed. The sky is the limit. You can even choose the density and thickness of your new bed.

When we say you can order a custom made memory foam mattress, we mean it. You have the opportunity to choose everything about your next mattress. You don’t even have to pay extra. Custom made memory foam mattresses are extremely inexpensive and they last longer than traditional mattresses do. If you like round beds and memory foam mattresses, put the two together. Order a custom made round memory foam mattress.

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