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Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Boats

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Boats

Boats are more luxurious now than ever before. Some boats have extremely powerful engines. Some boats have bathrooms. Some boats even have kitchens. Some boats have cubbies which you can sleep in. Some boats have all of the above. Although these boats may be extremely nice and luxurious, the mattresses that are designed for bed boats are not. In fact, boat mattresses are anything but luxurious. Often times, boat mattresses are made from coil cushions or innerspring mattresses.

The good news is that times have changed. Rocky Mountain Mattress has begun to offer memory foam mattress specifically designed for boats. These mattresses are custom made. You can choose different sizes and densities. Custom memory foam mattresses really are the way to go if you are looking for a “boat upgrade.”

Chances are good that you sleep on a memory foam mattress at home. Memory foam mattresses have become extremely popular due to their increased level of comfort and support. People like the fact that memory foam mattresses mold to their body and sleeping position. Here’s how it works. As you lie down on a memory foam mattress, your body temperature heats up the mattress. As memory foam is heated, it conforms around whatever is putting pressure on it. In a mattress form, the pressure is created by your body.

Memory foam has been proven to relieve pressure points and help reduce the pain felt by chronic pain sufferers. Many people with chronic back or neck pain often find relief from memory foam mattresses. If you are planning on spending any sleep time on your boat, you need to order a custom made memory foam mattress. You can seriously order the mattress to your specifications and likings. These mattresses aren’t expensive and it will certainly pay off. It’s time you got some quality rest on your boat. Even the U.S. Coast Guard has begun replacing their boat/ship mattresses with Rocky Mountain Mattress memory foam mattresses. If you would like to order a custom boat mattress please call Dave at 801-360-9009 or email him at dmink (at) rockymountainmattress (dot) com.

“I Just wanted to send an email to let you know the crew onboard are more than satisfied with the mattresses. I also wanted to put in an order for six more if possible.”

“Thank you”

SK1 Marcos Campos
(Coast Guard Vessel)

Take the advice of people around the world. Don’t hesitate replacing your mattress with a memory foam mattress.

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