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8 Tips For An Amazing Bedroom Design

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Your bedroom provides you the opportunity to relax and get some much needed sleep. Here are some great ideas for your bedroom design that can also help you get a better night’s sleep.

1. Keep it soft. Bedrooms need to have a soft feel to them. It is hard to relax or fall asleep in a room that has sharp and loud designs. Choose a soft theme that can help you unwind every day. The fabrics you choose need to also be soft. Fabrics play a key part in helping you feel comfortable in the perfect room.

2. Neutrality. The best colors for bedrooms are neutral colors. Don’t choose bright vibrant colors. These colors will actually stimulate your brain instead of helping it relax. Browns, tans, and other neutral colors are the perfect color scheme for the most comfortable bedroom.

3. Simplicity. Wouldn’t you agree that less is more? It is vital that you choose simplistic designs for your bedroom. Again, these designs will create a more calming atmosphere, which leads to a good night’s sleep. Choose simple furniture, a simple layout and go easy on accessories.

4. Bring the nature in. There is nothing better for your bedroom than to bring nature in. Whether you decide to do that by choosing a naturalistic picture, soft green colors or earthy tones, or play soft, soothing nature sounds, you can create the perfect bedroom when you bring nature in. See the infographic from Blinds Galore below giving some ideas for all natural blinds. This could help with brining a little nature in for sure:

All Natural Blinds [infographic]

5. Artwork. Chances are, your bedroom walls aren’t going to be completely bare. Artwork can add another degree of comfort to your bedroom. Choose your artwork carefully. Hang pictures that make you feel relaxed and hang them in such a way that makes you feel comfortable.

6. Personality. You can add a lot of your personality into the design of your bedroom without losing the comfort factor. Be sure that you make your bedroom your own. Stay within the limits that will help you relax, unwind and feel comfortable.

7. The bed. You spend more time in your bed than on any other piece of furniture in your home. Your bed can either help you have a wonderful night’s sleep or cause you to toss and turn all night long. Choose a high quality bed that is gives you the comfort and support that you need. You can choose from air beds, memory foam mattresses, water beds, innerspring mattresses, and latex beds. Don’t scrimp on your bed. It is the biggest decision, in regards to furniture, that you’ll ever make.

8. Comfort. It doesn’t matter if you love the design of your room if you aren’t comfortable in it. Your room should be a haven that you can go to at the end of the day. You should be able to wash all your cares away in a comfortable, soft, elegant, well-organized room.

Follow these tips if you want a room that will help you fall asleep fast. It is also important that you stay asleep as long as your need to. Your room can either help the quality of sleep you get, or hurt it. Make sure that your room is an asset to your home and your sleep.

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Any Size Needed

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Any Size Needed

Memory foam mattresses come in any size or shape. You can order a custom made memory foam mattress in any size or shape. You can get a special memory foam mattress for your home, your boat, your RV, your camper, your truck…anything you want. You can even order a custom made memory foam mattress for your dog.

Here is a picture of a custom cut memory foam mattress that Rocky Mountain Mattress made for an RV:

custom made mattress

In fact, a unique memory foam mattress was highlighted on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The was shaped like a giant basketball. Celebrities and famous people are also ordering custom memory foam mattresses. Micheal Einziger, the lead guitarist for Incubus, recently ordered a memory foam mattress made to fit the shape of his media room loft area. The loft is a very unique shape and the memory foam mattresses allows the singer to really relax while writing music, watching a movie or sleeping.

You can choose the density, thickness, size, and shape of your mattress. Choose a really dense mattress if you want extra comfort and support. You can even get a memory foam mattress topper in any size or shape if you want to test the memory foam material. People who try memory foam mattresses are rarely disappointed. This is because memory foam has been proven to relieve pressure points, and provide a supreme amount of comfort and support.

If you have an odd size bed frame that you are just dying to fill, don’t wait any longer. Get a custom made memory foam mattress. You can specify the size, shape, thickness, density, the way it is made, etc. Whether you are looking to treat yourself, someone you know or your dog, custom memory foam mattress are worth every penny. They will give you comfort, support and relieve pressure points.

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How To Make A Sofa Bed A Comfortable Bed

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

A Sofa Bed Mattress Can Be Very Comfortable With One Simple Upgrade, Here’s How:

We have all slept on a sofa bed mattress. For the most part, these mattresses are extremely uncomfortable. They don’t provide the right support for your neck, back or anything else. Most times, you wake up in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed. Sofa beds have to use a special mattress that can be folded up and stored in the sofa. It isn’t like you can just go out and buy a regular mattress to throw on top of your sofa bed frame. But, there is finally something you can do to get a better night’s sleep on your sofa bed.

If you own a sofa bed, you probably don’t use it very often. But, your guests do. Give them a reason to come back to your house by offering them a good night’s sleep on a sofa bed. You can get a memory foam mattress topper or replacement mattress for your sofa bed from Rocky Mountain Mattress.

Rocky Mountain Mattress is an industry leader in providing people with quality products that can enhance their sleep at incredible prices. Rocky Mountain Mattress is always having some sort of sale that you can take advantage of. You’ll find the best quality products and you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune. Some of its best products can be found in the “Mattress Toppers” section.

Mattress toppers are becoming more popular for people who want to get a good night’s rest, but don’t want to break the bank doing it. Memory foam mattress toppers provide all of the same benefits of a regular memory foam mattress, but at a fraction of the cost. You can get a memory foam mattress topper that will conform to your body while you sleep. These toppers use your body temperature to heat up the topper. When the topper is heated, it allows the pad to mold to your body. No matter what your personal preference is for sleeping, a memory foam mattress topper is the way to go.

Rocky Mountain Mattress also has custom replacement mattresses for your sofa bed that can be cut to any size. These mattresses aren’t like the cheap mattress that came with your sofa. These mattresses are made from the highest quality materials and can actually make you forget that you are sleeping on a sofa bed. People who have ordered replacement mattresses for their sofa bed’s from Rocky Mountain Mattress have been extremely satisfied.

If you are looking for some way to make your sofa bed more comfortable, start your search at Rocky Mountain Mattress. You can be sure that you’ll only have to make one quick, Internet stop because you are sure to find just what you are looking for. Memory foam mattress toppers or replacement mattresses can be the perfect accessory for your sofa bed.

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What Are Bed Bugs And How To Get Rid Of Them

Monday, October 27th, 2008

What Are Bed Bugs And How To Get Rid Of Them

Bed bugs are back and are being found all over the world. Recently, bed bugs are becoming a huge problem in apartments, homes, condos, hotels, cruise ships, dormitories, shelters, etc. You name it, bed bugs are there.

Many people don’t realize exactly what bed bugs are. They think that bed bugs are a myth that are only mentioned at night time, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Bed bugs are very real. They are small, wingless insects that get their only source of food from the blood of warm-blooded animals. Adult bed bugs are about 1/4 of an inch in length.

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures. This means that they are awake during the night time and dormant during the day hours. Bed bugs hide in dark places such as tiny cracks and crevices. During night time, bed bugs seek food from warm-blooded animals. When they find a host, they painlessly suck blood from the host. Bed bugs have highly evolved mouths that can inject saliva into the host’s blood while also drinking the blood as food.

Bed bugs leave orderly marks on their victims. Unlike mosquito bites, bed bug bites are often in rows. Often times, you need to see a doctor to determine whether or not the bite marks are from bed bugs. This is because the marks themselves look very similar to flea bites and mosquito bites.

Bed bugs like to hide in small crevices and can enter your home as a stowaway through furniture, luggage, clothing, pillows, boxes, etc. Furniture that has been used previously is also at a greater risk of harboring bed bugs. Bed bugs can survive for months without receiving food, so don’t think that you are safe if you get some used furniture that hasn’t been used in a while.

If you think you might have bed bugs, you need to carefully examine your bedroom and any other place that has been used for sleeping. Be sure to check the folds of your bed sheets and mattress. Also, check any holes or cracks in your bed frame. These are prime places for bed bugs to hide. You may also find small brown spot on your mattress. This may be an indication of bed bug fecal matter.

The best thing to do is to prevent bed bugs. Carefully examine used furniture before bringing it into your home. Reduce clutter and eliminate any hiding places for bed bugs. Make sure you keep a clean home. Bed bugs are not often found in extremely clean homes. If you do have bed bugs, you can get rid of them yourself, but it is more difficult. The best thing to do is to get rid of your mattress completely. If this is not an option for you, thoroughly vacuum your mattress and shampoo it using a special mattress shampoo.

The best way to completely get rid of bed bugs is to use a pest control service. These companies are trained and know the best ways to effectively get rid of all bed bugs and any eggs they may have laid. Pest control treatment can be a little costly but it is well worth it. If you suspect you may have bed bugs, do a thorough examination of your home and then call in the professionals. For added protection, even when all the above steps have been taken you might consider purchasing a mattress cover for even more peace of mind.

6 Six Easy Ways to Help Sleep Problems

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Six Easy Ways to Help Sleep Problems

Millions of people around the world suffer from some sort of sleeping disorder. There are many different factors that can affect some one’s sleeping patterns. Many people don’t realize how important sleep really is. The amount of sleep you get and the quality of sleep you get directly affects how productive you are from day to day. Don’t succumb to sleeping problems anymore. Follow these six ways to help relieve your sleep problems.

1. Relax and Unwind. Many people try going to bed when either their mind or their body is completely wired. Obviously, this can’t work well or effectively. Find things that will help your mind relax before going to bed. Try not watching T.V. or using the computer. The bright lights will actually stimulate your brain instead of helping it unwind.

2. No more caffeine. Caffeine is used by so many people to stay awake during the day and into the night. College students use it to help cram for a big test. Employees use it all the time to help them stay awake at work. Did you know that eating an apple will provide you with more energy than several cups of coffee? If you can’t give up your caffeine cold turkey, at least stop using it right before bed. This will give your body the chance to actually get tired.

3. Routines. Parents often get their newborn babies into a solid routine. This helps babies know what to expect from day to day. It also has been proven to help them sleep better and longer. The same is true for adults. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it. Go to bed at about the same time every night. Don’t sleep in either.

4. Optimization. Make sure that your bedroom is ready to be slept in. Dark rooms have been proven to provide a better sleep environment than rooms that let light in. It may also help to have white noise in your room. White noise is simply a soothing sound that helps eliminate other sounds that can stimulate your brain. A soft nature CD or fan can help your body relax.

5. Don’t eat. Don’t eat right before bed. This can slow down your body’s ability to digest food. It also keeps your body active instead of resting. Try not to eat at least an hour or two before your “bedtime.”

6. Your bed. Obviously, your bed is important in providing good quality sleep. If beds weren’t important, do you think we would sleep on them? Make sure your bed is comfortable to. You want to make sure that you don’t dread getting into your bed. It should be comfortable and provide the support that you need.

Follow these easy ways to help eliminate your sleep problems. You don’t have to go through your days feeling sluggish and worthless anymore. You deserve to wake up feeling well rested and ready to tackle anything.

5 Ways To Keep Your Toddler In Their Bed

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

How to Keep Your Toddler in Bed

My son has pretty much grown out of his crib. It seems as though he is trying so hard to tell us that he is ready for a big-boy bed. He is only 16 months old and we are trying to keep him in his crib as long as possible. The biggest concern for us is the fact that if we move him to a toddler bed, he can get out whenever he wants to. Here are some helpful ways to make the transition from the crib to the toddler bed, and to keep you toddler in bed all night long.

1. When? Many parents wonder when the right time is to make the transition from the crib to the toddler bed. The majority of children make the switch between the ages of 1 1/2 and 3 1/2. Some children aren’t ready to make the switch at such an early age. If this is the case with your child, you may want to try using the toddler bed when your child is around 3. One of the best signs that it’s time to switch is when you child is too big or too active to sleep in a crib. Also, once you’ve gone through the potty-training stage, your child will need to get out of bed to use the bathroom.

2. Safety. Many parents make the switch to a toddler bed in fear that their child will start climbing out of their crib. This can be a huge safety concern. However, don’t make any decision too soon. Even if your child is climbing out of his or her crib, they may not be ready for a “big boy” or “big girl” bed yet. If you are worried about safety but don’t think your child is ready to make the transition, make sure that the mattress is on the lowest setting.

3. Another one on the way. Many parents make the switch to a toddler bed before the arrival of another baby. This is fine to do but, you need to start the transition at least six to eight weeks before your due date. You can’t expect your toddler to come to grips with a whole new sleeping arrangement in only a matter of a few days.

4. Your child. Keep in mind that every child makes the transition from crib to toddler bed differently. Some children ease in nicely while others have an extremely difficult time. Take the time to talk to your child about what is happening. Children are much smarter than they get credit for. Let them be part of the process. Let them help you pick it out. Get them excited about something new.

5. Try it out. If your child has a really hard time transitioning to a toddler bed at first, don’t give up. Make sure you talk to them about what is happening. Take time to make sure that they understand. Children have a much harder time accepting things that they don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to pull out the crib again and try it again later. Make sure you at least try it for a couple of days though. When you put your child in bed, sit with them and make sure they know that this is their “new big boy bed.” They also need to make sure that they need to stay in the bed until they fall asleep…they aren’t allowed to get out and play with the toys in their room. Don’t give up immediately, try it out.

Moving your child from a crib to a toddler bed can be extremely difficult. The first step is to make sure that they are ready. Be sure to talk to them to help them understand what is going on. Talking to your child will help ease the transition. Also, make it exciting. Let them help. They will be more excited about something that is fun, rather than something that may seem scary.

Rocky Mountain Mattress can custom make crib mattreses that are all natural and safe for your toddler. If you would like more information about a custom latex mattress for your toddler ….

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5 Tips On How To Buy A Great Bed For You And Your Back

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Tips on How to Buy a Great Bed For You and Your Back

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your life. The average person spends at least one-third of their life in bed. That is a ton of time, don’t you think? Most people don’t consider sleep important or vital to their health. It is absolutely crucial that you sleep on a good mattress that will give you the comfort and support you need. You won’t use any other piece of furniture as much. Nor will any other piece of furniture have such a lasting and powerful effect on your overall health.

People who suffer from chronic back or neck pain often say that they are in more pain when they don’t get a good night’s rest. What do you think is the most important part of your back that needs to be protected the most? That’s right…the spine. Your spine needs rest after a long day of moving, twisting and supporting your body. If you sleep on a worn-out mattress, or a mattress that isn’t supporting your spine completely, you are eventually going to feel the effects. There are several things to keep in mind when you go shopping for a new mattress. Here are some tips on how to buy a great bed for you and your back.

1. Type. There are so many different types of mattresses on the market today. You can choose from memory foam, innerspring, air, water beds, and latex mattresses. Latex mattresses, and the custom latex mattress have the highest overall customer satisfaction rating. Memory foam and luxury air mattresses come in close second. If you have back problems, you probably want to stay away from innerspring mattresses. Other mattresses will give your more comfort and support. Choose a mattress that provides optimal comfort and support for you.

2. Foundation or Box Spring. Many people don’t realize how important their mattress foundation is. You can’t buy a cheap box spring and expect it to provide you with quality support. Your box spring foundation is what absorbs weight and stress. Make sure to buy the foundation that is made to go with your mattress. There is a reason they are sold together, as a set. Choosing the right foundation will also help lengthen the life of your mattress.

3. Firmness. A common mattress myth is that “Firmer is better.” This isn’t necessarily the case. An extremely firm mattress does not provide even support for your entire body. Often times, firm mattresses only support your body’s heaviest parts. However, the reverse is just as dangerous. A soft mattress often sags in all the wrong places and distorts the spine. Make sure you get a mattress that isn’t too firm or too soft. You need a mattress that is firm enough and soft enough to allow all of your muscles to rest completely.

4. Comfort. Who wants to sleep on a mattress that isn’t comfortable? It is always miserable to sleep on a mattress where you can’t get comfortable or relax. Choose a mattress that is comfortable to you and your partner and make sure you both have enough room. Being scrunched or cramped certainly isn’t comfortable.

5. Durability. You want this mattress to last, right? There is a reason that you are spending good money on this mattress. You take so much time examining different mattresses, testing them out and you expect it to last more than a few years. Make sure that the mattress you buy is from a reputable manufacturer and uses the highest quality products.

These are helpful ways that can help you find “just the right mattress.” Remember, everyone is different and needs different levels of comfort and support. Don’t let the salesperson tell you what you need. Find out for yourself. Choose the right type of mattress that provides the right level of firmness and comfort. Make sure to get a good foundation that will help support your body while you sleep and prolong the life of your mattress. Follow these tips and you can be sure to buy a great bed for you and your back.

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Trailers

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Trailers

There are many kinds of trailers out there. Maybe you have a camper trailer, a pop-up trailer, a trailer home, a 5th wheel trailer, or a double-wide trailer. Maybe you even have a combination of trailers. No matter what trailer you have or how many trailers you have, you can upgrade it significantly without breaking the bank. You can now order a custom made memory foam mattress for your trailer.

People have loved the benefits of memory foam mattresses. Memory foam has been proven to reduce pressure points on your body while you sleep because your body is being cradled. It has also helped people with chronic neck pain, chronic back pain or other kinds of pain. Memory foam was first used in the medical industry because it helped patients so much and gave them the comfort they needed. Since then, memory foam has been available for general use and many people are taking advantage of it.

Memory foam mattresses are made with a special heat technology. The memory foam uses your body temperature to help help it up. Once it has been heated, the memory foam begins to conform to your individual body shape. It doesn’t matter what position you prefer to sleep in. A memory foam mattress will cradle your body all night long. Because memory foam molds to your shape, it reduces your need to toss and turn all night long. You can finally fall asleep faster because your mattress does all the work for you.

As you can see, memory foam mattresses have so many benefits. The good news is that you can get a custom made mattress to fit your trailer. You can order any size or shape mattress you need. Whether your mattress needs to be small or big or funny shaped, you can get it the way you need it. You can also specify the density and thickness. This means that you can choose a more dense mattress for optimal comfort and support or a thinner mattress if you won’t be using it very often. Don’t worry about the cost either. Memory foam mattresses really aren’t much more expensive than traditional mattress. That’s a great deal because you can get a custom made memory foam mattress for the same price as an innerspring mattress that won’t fit where you need it to. Go ahead…order your trailer a custom made memory foam mattress.

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25 Terms You Need To Know Before Buying A Mattress

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Viscoelastic – Anything that shows both viscous and elastic characteristics when deformed. An example of a viscous material is honey. An examples of an elastic object is a rubber band. The difference between elastic behavior and viscoelastic behavior is that a viscoelastic object uses a strain rate dependent on time. Thus, a viscoelastic object loses energy when a load is applied and then taken away.

Natural latex – Occurs naturally from rubber trees. Natural rubber is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer that occurs naturally as a milky colloidal suspension or latex. The latex is found in the sap of some plants other than the rubber tree. Rocky Mountain Mattress uses natural latex in every custom latex mattress.

Organic – Often referred to as organic foods or organic materials. Organic materials are those products that are produced according to certain production standards, often meaning that they are produced without the use of chemicals, toxins, or other materials.

Memory foam – Made from polyurethane. Memory foam often has additional chemicals that increases its viscosity level. This increased viscosity also increases the foam’s density. Most memory foam products are firmer in cooler temperatures and softer when heated. Memory foam that is used for memory foam mattresses use a person’s body heat to warm it up. As it is heated, it molds to the shape of the warm body within a certain period of time. Lower density memory foam is more pressure sensitive. This foam can mold to the shape of the body more quickly.

Green foam – Refers to any foam that is environmentally friendly. This foam is often produced without any added chemicals or toxins. It is also biodegradable. Often times, green foam is safe for the environment throughout the production process and as a finished product. Even the production process of producing green foam is considered “green.”

The Talalay process – A method of producing latex. In this process, molded pieces of natural latex foam rubber are produced. First, a natural latex rubber is put into a closed mold. The mold must have been vacuumed to remove any air particles. Next, the mold is frozen in effort to stabilize the cell structure. Then, carbon dioxide is added to the mold. Finally, the mold is then heated in order to cure the rubber. This process is considered to be “organic” or completely natural.

The Dunlop process – The other method for producing latex. This method is much shorter and more inexpensive than the Talalay process. The Dunlop method is more traditional, is used more often, and produces the only 100% all natural latex product (i.e. no added chemicals, fillers, etc.).

Foamex – The leading producer of comfort cushioning for bedding, furniture, carpet cushion, and automotive markets as well as technical foam for diverse applications in industrial, consumer, electronics and transportation industries.

Bayer – Chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863.

Rocky Mountain Mattress – A company comprised of mattress experts who are dedicated to helping customers enjoy the best sleep possible by offering a wide variety of mattresses, mattress toppers, custom mattresses, adjustable beds and sleep accessories.

FiberLux – The standard Rocky Mountain Mattress micro-fiber cover used on the Sunrise and Sundance mattresses.

Coolmax – Is a brand of technical fabrics designed to wick moisture away from the skin. The fabrics use specially designed fibers to improve “breathability.”

Density – Is a measure of how tightly the matter within it is packed together. In the mattress industry density is often measured in terms of pounds per square foot, i.e. a 5 lb foam weighs 5 pounds per cubic foot of the foam.

Indentation load deflection (ILD) – A term used by furniture manufacturers to measure quality. The firmness of a polyurethane foam cushion is measured by the ILD.

Indentation force deflection (IFD) – Used rather than the ILD method. It is defined as the amount of force, in pounds, required to indent a fifty square inch piece of foam relative to the total foam thickness. Again, this is a quality assurance measure.

Open cell foam – Is made up of thousands of tiny, cell-like components. The walls are called struts and the spaces inside are called voids. Open cell foam makes it possible to conform to your body and relieve pressure points. Because the walls of the cell are not solid, they can deflate when pressure is applied. Additionally, since the struts are made from a resilient material, they bounce back when the pressure is removed.

Component mattress – A mattress composed of separate individual layers of foam, which can be re-arranged according to the sleeper’s preference.

Assembled mattress – A mattress that has been fully manufactured and arrives to the consumer fully assembled

Foundation – aka box spring (without the springs) – refers to the flat rigid surface that a innerspring mattress, air mattress, latex mattress, memory foam mattress, or waterbed must be placed on to achieve maximum support. Rocky Mountain Mattress foundations are made from Southern Pine.

Bioflex medical magnets – Magnets that have been clinically proven to reduce pain, accelerate healing and improve circulation. When used in conjunction with a supportive mattress, they have been hailed as the most advanced and effective products of their kind for their ability to help a person get a good night’s sleep naturally. They can be purchased as a mattress overlay to achieve maximum results.

Custom mattress – Mattresses that can be specially ordered by customers. Customers can specify the correct size dimensions, the arrangement of layers, and foam densities. Customers can also choose to add BIOflex medical magnets, CoolMax by Dupont heat and moisture-reducing fabric, lumbar support and other products.

Memory foam mattress topper – A thinner mattress pad that is designed to lie on top on an existing mattress. They can offer an extra layer of comfort and warmth, especially when the existing mattress is worn or uncomfortable. They can help relieve pressure points too. Memory foam mattress toppers react to both pressure and temperature. These characteristics along with greater density can give the sleeper a “weightlessness” sensation.

Mattress blog – A resource linked to a company’s website that can offer helpful information to the customer. The mattress blog is often a place where you can go to find the information you need in more detail. Customers are free to leave comments and post reviews as well.

Standard mattress sizes

Crib Mattress 28″ x 52″

Twin Mattress 39″ x 75″

Full Mattress 54″ x 75″

Long Twin Mattress 36″ x 80″

Queen Mattress 60″ x 80″

King Mattress 76″ x 80″

California King Mattress 72″ x 84″

Pressure map – Maps that highlight a person’s pressure points when lying on a mattress. Pressure maps shows how well a mattress conforms to a person’s body.

Custom Made Round Beds

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Custom Made Memory Foam Mattresses For Those who like round beds

round beds

Do you watch ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Did you see the October 30, 2007 edition? Remember seeing the huge round basketball bed? That bed was made out of memory foam. Did you ever imagine that memory foam mattresses could be made into a huge round shape? Some people actually prefer round beds. Similarly, many people prefer memory foam beds. It just got better because you can now get round memory foam mattresses.

Have you ever heard of The Floating Bed? These beds have capitalized on the round design. The round beds hang in place and can be hung inside or outside. Customers have really like the fact that they have the freedom to rotate while they sleep. Instead of having to stay in one spot while you sleep, you can move anywhere you’d like.

Now people can take advantage of round mattresses and memory foam mattresses. They can enjoy the comfort and support of memory foam and the freedom of a round bed. You can order a small round bed, a medium size round bed or a huge round bed. The sky is the limit. You can even choose the density and thickness of your new bed.

When we say you can order a custom made memory foam mattress, we mean it. You have the opportunity to choose everything about your next mattress. You don’t even have to pay extra. Custom made memory foam mattresses are extremely inexpensive and they last longer than traditional mattresses do. If you like round beds and memory foam mattresses, put the two together. Order a custom made round memory foam mattress.

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