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Mattress Ratings – Comparison of The 5 Best Types of Beds

September 22nd, 2008

Mattress Ratings – Comparison of Best Types of Beds

It can be helpful to look at customer reviews when trying to find a new mattress set. There are dozens of places to look to find different mattress ratings. Here a quick look to compare the best types of beds.

Latex Mattresses

latex mattress

According to customer ratings, latex beds got the highest customer satisfaction ratings. 92 percent of people that owned latex mattresses said that their bed was comfortable. Latex mattresses have many pros and not as many cons as other types of mattresses. This is why so many people are satisfied with their latex mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses had the next highest customer satisfaction rating. 85 percent of memory foam mattress owners found their beds to be comfortable. The problem with memory foam is that there are so many cheap imitations out there. People who have high quality memory foam mattresses are satisfied with beds. The cheap imitators are really the main reason why memory foam mattresses don’t rank higher in the customer satisfaction ratings.

Air Beds (here is a picture inside an Air Bed)

83 percent of people found their airbeds to be comfortable. The main advantage to airbeds is that they allow the owner to adjust the firmness of the mattress. If the mattress is too firm, they can let some of the air out. If the mattress is too soft, they can add some air and increase the firmness. Another airbed advantage is that each side of the bed can be adjusted to different settings. So, if you like your mattress hard but your partner prefers it a little softer, no problem. You can each adjust your side of the bed to your individual liking.

Water Beds

Water beds ranked fourth in overall customer satisfaction. Approximately 82 percent of people agreed that their water bed was comfortable. Water beds are made better and stronger than they used to. They have come a long way in offering people comfort and support.

Innerspring Mattresses

People tend to not be very happy with innerspring mattresses. These mattresses fall far behind the others in terms of ratings. About 55 percent of innerspring mattress owners said they are pleased with their mattress. The main reason why people aren’t as satisfied with these mattresses is because they wear down a lot faster than they other mattresses. Because of this, innerspring mattresses can sag over time and can have loose coils.

This comparison should be helpful in determining what kind of mattress you are going to choose next time. Take a look at your individual needs. Research which mattresses will provide the comfort and support that you are looking for. Don’t waste your hard earned money buying a mattress that is going to fall apart in no time. Remember that every one has different needs. So, use this comparison as a guide. Be sure to test the different mattresses that you are looking into so you can be certain to get what you need.

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