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Which Sleeping Position Is Best For You

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Rocky Mountain Mattress wants to know through this little un official poll we are conducting – Which is best for you, i.e. stomach, side or back?

The way you sleep at night can have a profound impact on your health and how you feel when you wake up. Sleeping positions can also show a correlation between the way you sleep and your personality. Studies have shown that sleeping on your stomach with your arms extended by your head aids in digestion. Sleeping on your back leads to a bad night’s rest and snoring. Take a look at the different sleeping positions and the affect they have on your personality.

If only we could all sleep like a baby huh?

sleeping like a baby

Fetal Position-In this position, you lie curled up in a ball and clench a pillow. This is the most popular sleeping position. It represents someone who is appears to be tough on the outside, but it shy and sentitive on the inside.

Soldier Position-You sleep in the soldier position if you lie flat on your back with your arms directly at your sides. This sleeping position represents someone who sets high standards for themselves and those around them, but remains quiet and reserved. It leads to poor sleep and snoring.

Starfish Position-If you lie flat on your back with your arms and legs extended, you sleep in the starfish position. Although it indicates a good listener and someone who makes friends easily, it also leads to poor sleep and snoring.

Freefall Position-This is not a very common sleeping position. This sleeping position is where you lie flat on your stomach with your arms by your head or ears. It represents someone who is brash and gregarious outwardly. However, criticism makes them very nervous and sensitive inwardly. Although this is not a common sleeping position, it has been found to aid in digestion.

Log Position-Do you lie on your sides with your arms by your sides and your legs extended? If you do, you sleep in the common log position. This position indicates that you are social and easygoing.

Yearner Position-This position is similar to the log position, but with your arms extended as well. It indicates someone who is cynical and suspicous.

Take a look at these common sleeping positions. Which sleeping position do you favor? Let us know how you sleep. Take the poll below by leaving a comment and letting us know your favorite sleeping position.

Fetal Position
Soldier Position
Starfish Position
Freefall Position
Log Position
Yearner Position

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