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What Position Do You Like Better

Friday, September 5th, 2008

What position do you like sleeping in that is … what did you think this post was going to be about? Being in the mattress industry I often wonder how do most people sleep, i.e. side, stomach, or back sleepers … so I did some research.

Before I get into it, I wanted to share a picture of a funny sleeping position:

funny sleeping positions

Did you know there is a correlation between the position you sleep in and your personality? It may sound wacky, but it is actually true. The Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service recently conducted a study to show the correlation. They found that as a person chooses a certain sleeping position, it shows their subconscious body language, which affects their personality traits. The SAAS conducted the study by choosing a large number of random, hotel guests.

They identified six major sleeping positions. These are the fetal position, the soldier position, the starfish position, the freefall position, and log position and the yearner position. Interestingly enough, these positions did, in fact, relate to their individual personality traits.

Over 51 percent of the women that participated in the study slept in the fetal position. Forty-one percent of all participants slept like this. They curled up on their sides and clenched a pillow. This sleeping position leads to a person who is shy and sensitive, although they tend to hide behind a tough exterior to the rest of the world.

Eight percent of the participants slept in the soldier position. They laid flat on their backs with their arms directly at their sides. This position indicates that the person is quiet and reserved. Although they are quiet, they set high standards for themselves and those around them. Five percent of people slept in the starfish position. These people were found lying on their back with their arms and legs outstretched. These people tend to be those who are good listeners and who could make friends easily. In addition, these people do not like to be the center of attention.

The study found seven percent of people in the freefall position. These people laid on their stomachs with their arms near their ears or head. The freefall position indicates someone who makes brash decision, yet is inwardly nervous about criticism. Fifteen percent of people slept in the log position. They laid on their sides with their legs extended and their arms at their sides. These people have proved to be easygoing and very social. Thirteen percent of people slept in the yearner position. This is similar to the log position but with the arms extended as well. This sleeping position proves to lead to a cynical and suspicious personality.

The SAAS did not only link sleeping positions to personality traits. The study also showed what sleeping positions affect one’s health. They found the freefall position to aid in digestion. The starfish position and the soldier position led to a bad night’s rest and snoring.

As you can see, over seventy-nine percent of the participants slept on their sides. Thirteen percent of people slept on their backs. Only seven percent of people slept on their stomachs. Take a look at how you sleep and if this study proves the link between your sleep and your personality.

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