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Here Is How You Make Your College Dorm Mattress Better

August 25th, 2008

I have slept on a dorm mattress, and I know many of you have as well, or are currently sleeping on one of those uncomfortable dorm beds. So, how to make your college dorm mattress better? Its very simple…get a mattress topper from Rocky Mountain Mattress. You have the options of memory foam toppers, or all natural latex toppers and both are very affordable.

Tell me … Does this look comfortable to you?

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You’ll always remember your college days. You’ll remember staying up late to cram for that last final, eating way too much and gaining the dreaded “Freshman 15”, the movies, dates, etc. One thing you probably don’t want to remember is how bad your dorm mattress was. College memories don’t include a lot of sleep time, but sleep is one thing you can’t live without in college. You need to make sure you get a good night’s sleep; sleep beyond what your dorm mattress offers. Find the perfect mattress topper at Rocky Mountain Mattress.

Rocky Mountain Mattress offers a variety of mattress toppers that can make your life so much better. Mattress toppers are the perfect way to ensure a good night’s rest, without having to worry about the added expense and hassle of buying a completely new mattress. Plus, dorm rooms are anything from roomy. You basically only have room to bring the essentials to college. Make sure a mattress topper from Rocky Mountain Mattress is the first essential thing you bring.

Mattress toppers come in many different sizes, materials and prices. RMM offers toppers ranging from 3 pounds to 8 pounds. Three pound toppers are thinner than 8 pound toppers. If your dorm mattress needs some serious help, you might want to choose an 8 pound mattress topper because it will provide more support than a 3 pound topper will. You can also choose your topper according to personal preference. If you prefer a firmer mattress, you’ll enjoy the medium firm Natural Laytex Topper. If you sleep better on a softer surface, go with the medium plush Natural Laytex Topper. These are also extremely cost effective, starting at only $104.95.

Rocky Mountain Mattress has the perfect toppers to make your college dorm mattress a quality sleeping surface. Although you probably won’t be spending a ton of time sleeping, you’ll want to make sure that the sleep you get is a good sleep. You’ll get a wonderful night’s rest when you choose a mattress topper from Rocky Mountain Mattress.

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