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What Is The Maximum Weight Capacity Of The Adjustable Frames Sold At Rocky Mountain Mattress

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Here is another questions we get quite often here at Rocky Mountain Mattress – What’s the maximum weight capacity of the adjustable frames we sell?

Rocky Mountain Mattress is your one stop shopping center for excellent products at great prices. We offer mattresses, mattress toppers, custom mattresses, accessories and adjustable beds. If you are looking for a top quality adjustable bed, look no further than Rocky Mountain Mattress.

We offer two adjustable beds that fit the needs of most people. We offer the ProMotion Adjustable Bed and the S-Cape Adjustable Bed. The ProMotion bed has numerous adjustments to provide support your head, neck, back (both upper and lower), hips, legs and feet. It comes with several features that allow it to be a complete relaxation center. It also offers a durable steel frame, ergonomic remote control, lift motors and seven inch leg height.

The S-Cape Adjustable bed offers more options for a slightly higher price. Like the ProMotion, it offers superior wall hugger capacity. It also offers a three position memory recall, 30 minute massage time, memory massage recall, one touch Neurosage massage, and more. The ProMotion bed compares to a Chevy, while the S-Cape is more luxurious, like a Lexus or Acura.

Both beds offer reasonable maximum weight capacities. The maximum weight capacity depends on the size mattress used in each adjustable bed. Below are the weight capacities for each bed.

ProMotion Maximum Weight Capacity

Twin 350 lbs
Full XL 400 lbs
Queen 400 lbs
Dual King 700 lbs

S-Cape Adjustable Maximum Weight Capacity

Twin 350 lbs
Full XL 400 lbs
Queen 400 lbs
Dual King 700 lbs

If you are looking for a great adjustable bed, check out the ProMotion Adjustable Bed and the S-Cape Adjustable Bed bed from Rocky Mountain Mattress. You won’t be disappointed.

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