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What Is The Difference Between Latex And Memory Foam

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

I love that our customers ask questions about our products because it shows me they are really trying to research their purchase and make the best choice for them. I wanted to address a question I get asked several times a day in hopes of getting this information out there online, to inform all! The question is – What is the difference between latex and memory foam?

Shopping for a mattress is a very important decision. You will be sleeping on this mattress for several years and you need to make sure you will be getting the best night’s sleep possible. Many people don’t realize or understand the difference between memory foam and latex. Make sure you understand the difference before you pick out the best mattress for you.

Memory foam is an artificial product.

memory foam and Latex

Click on image above to see full comparison chart of Memory foam vs Latex

It can be manufactured in several ways. It is made up of open cells, which are millions of balloons with holes in them. There are several benefits for using a memory foam mattress. It is temperature sensitive and is heavier than latex. Memory foam conforms to your body while you sleep by pushing air from one cell to another. This provides strong support to your neck and back and relieves pressure points.

There are two types of latex: natural latex and synthetic latex. Natural latex is obviously a natural product, while synthetic latex can be manufactured chemically.

all natural latex
Latex is made of tiny rubber particles. These particles are dispersed in water to form a milk-like liquid. There are two main ways to build latex mattresses. The Dunlop method is the traditional and most inexpensive method. Talalay latex require am 8 hour, 7 step process and produces and finer form of latex. The Talalay method is a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. This method ensures durability and support by providing an open cell structure. It also provides elasticity, conformity and air circulation. This method is the best way to go if you are looking for something to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Dunlop method tends to be a hotter mattress.

It is very helpful to understand the differences between memory foam and latex. It also helps to know that there is two kinds of latex mattresses. Each product is very different from the other. Memory foam uses your body heat to warm the foam and soften it in order to conform to your body. Latex provides instant recovery while memory foam uses a slow recovery method. Make sure you try out both types of mattresses and understand the difference so you can get the best mattress for your preferences.

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