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The 4 Most Expensive Mattresses On The Globe

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Rocky Mountain Mattress offers high end specialty mattresses, but memory foam and latex is not the most expensive bed by any means of the imagination. I got asked a great question today – What are the most expensive mattresses on the globe? So I want to answer it, and share some pretty cool mattress history.

People have been searching for the best mattress for quite some time. Each person has a different preference on mattresses and mattresses can range from reasonably priced to very expensive. In 2002, the average mattress in the United States was $600. Can you imagine spending over $50,000 for a mattress? Believe it or not, there are mattresses that cost that much.

The Vividus:

the vividus mattress

The Vividus is the most expensive mattress on the globe. Those who have tried it agree that it’s name, meaning “full of life”, is fitting. The mattress is made by the Swedish company Hastens. If you can afford the over $59,750 to purchase this mattress for your home, you’ll agree that sleeping on it is like “sleeping on a cloud.”

The Hypnos Mattress:

The Hypnos Mattress

England is home to the mattress manufacturer Hypnos. The company is the only provider of mattresses for the British royal family. Hypnos holds to the highest standards and will completely throw away an entire container of cashmere if it isn’t perfect. In fact, workers spend a lot of effort to ensure the highest quality in their beds. Calico cotton is used to cover over 4,000 mattress springs by hand, for each bed. Even the damask covers are hand-woven. You’ll pay at least $15,000 for this kind of comfort.

There are mainly four major companies that produce these luxury mattresses. Hastens and Duxiana are Swedish based companies, while Hypnos and VI-Spring come from England. Hastens mattresses range from $3,000 to $16,000 (with the Vividus cost over $50,000). Hypnos mattresses start at $6,000 and go to $12,000. The cheapest mattress Duxiana makes is $4,000, while their top model costs $8,700. VI-Spring mattresses range anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000. In fact, VI-Spring provided the mattresses on the cruise ship Titanic.

If you shop at these fine retailers, expect to pay at least $3,000 for a good nights rest. It’s hard to believe that people pay these prices for luxury mattresses. If you’ve got money to spend, why spend it on the most expensive mattresses on the globe when you can have the most comfortable memory foam mattress in the world (by Rocky Mountain Mattress of course) for the price of what a “normal” costing bed would run.

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