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Rocky Mountain Mattress Product Video On YouTube

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Here are some of the Rocky Mountain Mattress products highlighted on this YouTube video. We just wanted to share it here on our blog because sometimes it makes it easier to just watch a video and check out some of the product line we offer.

We Love This Mattress, Another CoolMax Testimonial

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

CoolMax is one of the “coolest” (no pun intended) products that Rocky Mountain Mattress offers for memory foam mattress covers, and we have been selling a ton of them lately, and want to share what other people are saying about the CoolMax products:

We love this mattress! The past two months of sleep on our custom Brighton memory foam mattress have been the best of our married lives and have really helped me with my back pain. I love the feel of the coolmax cover and my wife really loves the memory foam pillows. Thanks Rocky Mountain Mattress for your great product, prices and customer service!
Kevin & Noelle
Philadelphia, Pa

An Overview of CoolMax Covers coolmax

If you’ve ever awakened to find yourself overheated and covered in perspiration, you can truly appreciate the revolutionary innovation behind our mattress covers that utilize CoolMax by DuPont fabric. This fabric is specifically designed to eliminate moisture upon contact, and ensures a cool, dry, healthy night of sleep. In addition, the fabric features enhanced breathability, which helps to prevent perspiration and moisture before it even begins.

Statistics have shown that many adults can lose up to a quarter of a liter of body fluid every night. This loss of moisture increases dehydration, which can cause unrestful sleep. Mattresses featuring covers with CoolMax by DuPont fabric help ensure that your body remains cool and well ventilated throughout the night.

Shipping A Mattress Bought Online, A Testimonial

Friday, July 18th, 2008

We like to share what our customers say about Rocky Mountain Mattress products, even what they say about the whole shipping process. Buying a mattress online, and getting the mattress shipped directly to your door is different then the traditional way of buying a mattress where you go to the store, find the one you want (pay way to much) load it in the back of your truck (or a truck you borrowed) and then figure out a way to move it into its final destination.

With our memory foam mattresses the process is much easier, and less stress on your back. The mattresses come shipped in boxes that are easy to carry into any size room, up any hallway with ease and one person can do it. You do not need to worry about borrowing a truck just to buy a new bed.

Just read what Rebecca, a real Rocky Mountain Mattress satisfied customer had to say about the shipping process:

Hi Dave,
The mattresses arrived (cool how you are able to ship them) and are comfy. And the size is perfect.
Rebecca Brown
Beulah, CO

After A Year Of Researching Memory Foam Beds, Customer Finally Purchases

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

This is another great Rocky Mountain Mattress customer review and memory foam mattress testimonial. Rocky Mountain Mattress will do whatever it takes to help out its customers, just read:

This morning I received a call from a recent customer. This particular customer contacted me an entire year ago. We proceeded to talk on and off for the next 12 months before I was finally able to convince him to purchase one of our Rocky Mountain Mattresses.

When I answered the phone this morning and heard “Dave, this is Lon” I knew exactly who was calling. Lon is an easy guy to remember because he works on the set of a pretty popular television program and has an engaging personality. I was thrilled when the very next sentence out of his mouth was “I am calling to tell you how much we love our memory foam mattress”.

Lon went on to let me know that he has become a “virtual Rocky Mountain Mattress salesman” and that he refers our company every opportunity he gets. This was one of the best phone calls I have received in several weeks for two reasons:

1) When you work with someone as long as I did with Lon you definitely hope they end up satisfied.

2) I sold Lon the same bed that I own, the CoolComfort, and get great satisfaction in hearing others like it as much as I do.

Dave Mink
Rocky Mountain Mattress

A Memory Foam Mattress So Comfortable It Can Make You Late For Work?

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Here is another Rocky Mountain Mattress satisfied customer talking about how his new memory foam bed has almost made him late for work several times. We love hearing stories like this:

We have been sleeping on our Rocky Mountain Mattress for about six months now and we really love it. It is so comfortable, we slept in the first few mornings and we were almost late for work! Because of this memory foam mattress my lower back pain in the morning has gone away and I don’t toss and turn all night like I did on our old pillow top. Our quality of sleep has greatly improved and we are very happy we discovered your product. The customer service after the purchase has been excellent! Dan & Marty, Safford, AZ

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