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Sensus Memory Foam Pillow; A Rocky Mountain Mattress Review

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

I know you can go into any major store and find what they are calling a “memory foam pillow”, but the truth of the matter is you are not really getting a quality product. You are probably getting a product that was made in China and has who knows how many un-healthy chemicals in it.

Being in this industry I can’t tell you how many people (but its lots and lots) have come up to me telling stories about buying a memory foam pillow from a major store chain (like Wal Mart) and being truly disappointed by the quality of the product the purchased. They also tell me about the horrible smell the off brand memory foam has, and being even further frustrated when they find the product is made in China.

I hate when people waste money like this, but Rocky Mountain Mattress does have a solution. We offer Sensus memory foam pillows made with quality Foamex brand – made right in America. Sensus memory foam was rated the overall highest quality memory foam mattress by the Wall Street Journal, even beating out Tempur Pedic.

You will not be disappointed with a Rocky Mountain Mattress Sensus Memory Foam Pillow. Here is a picture of the 5lb. Sensus Memory Foam Pillow: Check out the amazing molding that this pillow can do! Talk about a good nights sleep, and healthy neck. No more kinked neck, and waking up sore with this pillow.

Sensus Memory Foam Pillow

If you are wanting more information about the Sensus brand memory foam pillows offered here at Rocky Mountain Mattress please feel free to call us, email us or contact us via the website any time about them!

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