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Memory Foam Mattress vs Normal Spring Mattress; A Rocky Mountain Mattress Customer Review

Monday, June 16th, 2008

I was talking with a customer who recently purchased a Rocky Mountain Mattress memory foam mattress, and he shared a story with me that I think is worthy of sharing here.

He built his house in the 80’s, and has done several remodels to it since, and the final version of this house has a small staircase leading to the (newly created) upstairs master bedroom. The smaller staircase was not a problem until he proceeds to move his mattress upstairs. The mattress simply would not fit up the small staircase. He had a king sized mattress, and even with it bending as much as he could, there was not way to get the mattress upstairs. He knew he did not want to go to a smaller size mattress as he and his wife and gotten use to a king sized mattress, and enjoyed the extra room.


This is where Rocky Mountain Mattress came into play. He had done a ton of researching online for odd-shaped mattresses, and unique sized mattresses to see if there was anything he could do and came across our site and read about how our memory foam mattresses were shipped. Since the memory foam mattresses do not ship like a traditional spring mattresses, they can be easily carried upstairs in a box. This was the perfect solution to get a king sized mattress through an upstairs hallway that was to small for a traditional spring king mattress.

He was so happy, and thats not the best part of this story. He never slept on a memory foam mattress before, and was worried how he would like it, but he tells me that the only problem he has with it, is its come close to making him late for work on a few occasions because he sleeps so good! Rocky Mountain Mattress also has a 30 night guarantee, so that made it even easier for him to purchase without ever sleeping on a memory foam mattress. He knew that if he did not like it, or had any problems with it that Rocky Mountain Mattress would take it back. I am happy to report that its been several months and he has no intention of returning it. He has told me that he has never slept better, and will recommend to everyone to get a memory foam mattress. I am not sad about that!

I guess when it comes to getting a king size mattress up a small stairway, the memory foam mattress is the winner. I am just glad we could get another believer in the Rocky Mountain Mattress memory foam beds, and happy customer!

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