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Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review; Award Winning Sensus vs the “Green” Aerus

Monday, April 28th, 2008

This review will focus on two memory foam mattress toppers produced by Foamex: the award winning Sensus, and the truly innovative green Aerus foam.

According to many Foamex retailers these are the top two selling memory foam mattress topper brands produced by Foamex. Each foam offers unique selling points.

The memory foam mattress toppers similarities

Both Sensus and Aerus are produced by North America’s largest foam manufacturer, Foamex. Both brands feature a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Both foams are manufactured using Foamex’s patented Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) process.

The memory foam mattress toppers differences

Sensus is a 5 lb density foam, which means that one cubic foot of its material will weight 5 lbs. While Aerus has a 4 lb density. Aerus is also a softer foam and carries and IFD (or firmness) rating of 12. While, its counter-part Sensus has an IFD rating of 13.

Sensus is a more established brand as evidenced by its Best Overall award for memory foam by the Wall Street Journal.

Aerus happens to be one of the first truly environmentally-friendly green memory foams available to the consuming public. In fact, Foamex introduced the re-manufactured product line this March at the 2008 ISPA Expo in Baltimore Maryland.

Aerus is a cooling memory foam and features open-cell memory foam which prevents excess heat and dissipates moisture quickly. This revolutionary design circulates air up to eight times more efficiently than other similar memory foam mattress toppers.

Finally, Aerus memory foam is always a cool blue.

While Sensus memory foam is known for its trademarked light pink color.

All Natural Latex Pillow Product Review

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

About a month ago I purchased all natural latex pillows for both my wife and daughter because they kept talking about how badly they wanted to try them after seeing our “new green product line” here at Rocky Mountain Mattress. My wife already has some nice down pillows we purchased for her about a year ago, but really was captured by the look and feel of the all natural latex pillow. Here is a picture to get a better idea what the pillow looks like:

all natural latex pillow

Since giving them the pillows, I have had rave reviews from both my daughter and wife about how good their neck feels, and how soundly they sleep, and how fast they feel the pillow helps them fall asleep. They both agree that it is the most comfortable pillow they have ever laid their heads on. Normally my wife has to pile up two pillows to keep her neck where she wants it during the night, but with the latex pillow, it keeps her neck in a comfortable position, and it never loses its shape!

I am excited to be able offer the all natural latex pillow on Rocky Mountain Mattress as its an “eco-friendly” product, and is a great addition to our “green” product line.

How Can A Memory Foam Pillow Relieve Your Neck Pain?

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

April 15, 2008


Contact: Lane
Rocky Mountain Mattress
Phone: 801-824-5503

Many Americans suffer from chronic neck pain. Often times, where you find neck pain you will find other sleep deterrents, i.e. back pain and snoring! If you (or your partner) are suffering from any of the aforementioned sleep deterrents the following statistics suggest considering the use of memory foam neck pillows.

According to a 1994 study in the Journal of Rheumatology; 21(8):1520 1526, 84% of those using neck pillows for more than 18 months reported substantial neck pain relief.

According to Jackson R. The Cervical Syndrome. 4th ed IL, and the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 1998; 21(2):89 93, report that a neck roll pillow restores the normal neck posture, in turn decreasing neck pain. In 1999, a German study in Rehabilitation (Stuttg); 38(3):170 176, showed reduced pain and fewer sleep disorders by patients using neck pillows. Finally, The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association 2004; 48(1):20-28, which compared neck pillows with standard fiber pillows, showed a neck pillow effective for daily-reduction of morning neck pain.

The benefits you just read about may be a result of the unique design of neck pillows. Memory foam neck pillows tend to last much longer than standard fiber-filled pillows. Temperature and pressure sensitive memory foam can also actually mold to fit the shape of your neck and shoulders thereby helping you to rest in a proper sleeping posture. This proper sleeping posture is the primary cause of pain reduction in both your neck and back. In addition, correct sleeping posture actually reduces snoring drastically! Finally, memory foam pillows tend to greatly reduce tossing and turning which makes for a more uninterrupted sleep.

There are a great number of memory foam pillows available: contoured styles, shredded memory foam, traditional molded shapes, and hybrid (half memory foam and half latex) pillows.

For more information about the memory foam neck pillows available through Rocky Mountain Mattress, please visit

For more information:
Contact: dmink (at) rockymountainmattress (dot) com

Foam Mattress Review From Actual Rocky Mountain Mattress Customer

Monday, April 14th, 2008

The Evolution Custom Coach Staff posted the the following memory foam review.

At Evolution Custom Coach we design and build custom buses for a large variety of customers including Greyhound bus. Recently, we ordered several custom memory foam beds from Rocky Mountain Mattress.

The width and length we needed for the bus was that of a standard Queen (60 W by 80L) but the height was only 4″. We had been unable to find any company that could provide an actual foam mattress with this depth. There were plenty of companies selling memory foam mattress toppers, but we needed a foam mattress. Obviously, we were excited when Rocky Mountain Mattress told us they had made 4″ foam mattresses for the U.S. Coast Guard and others.

Of course, we were a little worried about trusting a company that we had never worked with before to build the memory foam beds. However, we are proud to say that we were so pleased with the company’s service that we just referred a guy from FedEx looking for a custom truck mattress for his semi trucks.

As we get closer on a few jobs, we will need some additional memory foam beds and we know who we will be turning to.

Thank you Rocky Mountain Mattress!


Evolution Custom Coach Staff
13 Berwick Street
White Haven, PA 18661
Phone: (570) 443-5700

Folding Bed Reviews – Because Momma said “Don’t Sell It Until You Have Tried It”

Friday, April 11th, 2008


My Mom has always told me “Dave, do not sell something unless you know it is a good product.” In other words, don’t sell something you wouldn’t use. Mom, I have taken that advice to heart. In fact, on a recent business trip I actually took our new folding bed with me. Although, I had a nice queen sized memory foam mattress in my room I actually slept each night of a 7 day business trip on this folding guest bed. I loved it!

I actually got sick on this business trip and needed a lot of down time.. During one of the “breaks” from the convention I actually grabbed one of the RMM folding beds from the back of my GMC Yukon and took a nap in the Phoenix Convention Center! So, there you have it The Rocky Mountain Mattress folding guest bed is so comfortable that I was able to take a nap in the middle of the Phoenix Convention Center.

Folding Memory Foam Mattress
Memory Foam Folding Bed Review:

The folding bed is covered in a nice canvas. Each “cushion” features a zipper so that you can remove the canvas cover for laundering. The folding foam mattress is 4″ thick and features 1.5″ of 2.5 lb density Foamex memory foam the other 2.5″ are a HR 30 ILD base foam. Although, the bed folds out into a standard twin length it was actually not all that heavy! I had no problem walking the folding foam mattress in and out of my hotel. Like all RMM products, this memory foam folding mattress is proudly made in the U.S.A!

Elite Protect a Bed

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Elite Protect-A-Bed Product Review

Protect a Bed Mattress Cover from Rocky Mountain Mattress

The Elite is the newest and most feature rich Miracle Membrane protective mattress for Protect-A-Bed. Like all Protect-A-Bed covers the Elite is a waterproof mattress cover, yet remarkably it is breathable. The difference between this dust mite cover and others is that it is double sided and reversible.

The Elite is really the flagship model of mattress protectors, as it is ultra-thin, double-sided, and reversible. The memory foam mattress cover offers the Heat Transference Formula between an ultra thin layer of terry-towelling. This allergy mattress cover allows heat and moisture to transfer out of the mattress while keeping liquids from coming in.

Here is a demonstration video with the Protect A Bed Cover to give you a better idea “visually” –

Although the official Protect-A-Bed website states that the ELITE package includes pillows and mattress cover this is a mistake. I have been informed by two separate Protect-A-Bed representatives that this is not the case.


Q- Does the Elite provide protection for those with incontinence?

A- Especially helpful in case of incontinence

Q- Does the mattress cover bunch up underneath sleepers?

A- The Ultra thin with four way stretch does not detract from the comfort of the mattress

Q- What type of mattresses will the Elite fit over?

A- Mattress cover can be used on latex , memory foam, and inner-spring mattresses

Q- Will the waterproof mattress cover fit my extra deep bed?

A- The expandable skirt ensures mattress protector fits any depth of mattress (8 to 20)

Q- Will this cover protect against bacteria and dust mites?

A- The Elite is effective in preventing bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your pillow and mattress (which are major causes of eczema, asthma, and rhinitis)

Q- Is the Elite a protective mattress cover?

A- The Elite protects from stains whether they be perspirations, body fluids, or accidental spills

Q- If I was the Elite what settings must I use?

A- You can machine was and tumble dry on hot, in fact the dust mite mattress cover can be sterilized at 121oC/250oF

Q- What does the cotton mattress cover feel like?

A- The cotton quilting is soft and super absorbent.

Learn How Others Are Earning Cash Back From Their Mattress Purchase!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Here at Rocky Mountain Mattress we are always seeking for ways to save all our valued customers even more money on their purchases with us. Whether it is through negotiating better pricing with our suppliers or being able to offer free shipping on orders, we want to help you save money. To help you save even more money, we’ve recently discovered a new way to save money that is becoming increasing popular amongst consumers who normally use their debit cards or other forms of payment to make most of their purchases. This way to save more money is by using a cash back credit card.

A cash back credit card earns the cardholder a percentage rebate on all their purchases they make with the card. The card is used as a substitute to using a debit card, cash or check for regular purchases. Using a credit card as a form of payment to earn a cash back rebate can result in savings of up to 5% or more with some credit cards. That savings could be equivalent to an additional 5% savings off our already low prices. Combine your purchase at Rocky Mountain Mattress with using the credit card for all your other purchases and you could earn a cash rebate of several hundred dollars per year. Many people who charge a lot of money on their credit cards each year often earn a rebate of $1,000 or more.

To make the cash back rebate worth it, you must pay your bill in full each month. Essentially, you should not charge any more money on a credit card than you could comfortably pay in full at the end of your credit card billing cycle. By not paying off your balance in full each month would result in interest charges exceeding the amount of cash rebate you would receive. Most credit card balances can easily be paid online by linking your checking or savings account to your online credit card account. Paying your balance online ensures your payment is always on time and your personal information stays protected and secure.

Here is a list of cash back credit cards that will help you save money on every purchase:

Citi Cash Returns Card Earn 5% cash back on any purchase you make within the first three months (including those at RMM). After three months all your purchases earn 1% cash back. No limit to the amount of cash back you can earn and $50 rebate checks are mailed to you automatically.

American Express Blue Cash This American Express credit card earns up to 5% cash back. This card offers a tiered rebate based on how much you charge each year. Your first $6,500 per year earns 1.5% cash back on everyday purchases. After your spend $6,500 per year, all of your everyday purchases earn a 5% cash back rebate. There is no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn with this card (most earn over $1,000 per year).

Chase Freedom Card Purchases made in your top three spending categories all earn 3% cash back each month. There are fifteen spending categories total and Chase will automatically adjust your categories each month to make sure you earn the maximum reward. All other purchases earn 1% cash back. Save your cash back reward up for a balance of $200 and redeem for a total of $250, a $50 bonus.

I would like to thank Plastic Rewards for sharing this information with us, and taking the time to help us better serve our customers.

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