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Bayer Softcel 5 lb. Memory Foam {Check Out Informative Video}

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Bayer Softcel Memory Foam Explained by Rocky Mountain Mattress

Many of Rocky Mountain Mattress’s higher end mattress feature Bayer memory foam. The unsurpassed quality and comfort of the 5 lb Bayer Softcel Memory Foam was designed by Bayer MaterialScience.

Recently at an expo in Arizona RMM received rave reviews from hundreds of individuals who stopped by our booth to touch and feel the Bayer 5 lb memory foam. The following video will give you a “taste” of what they were feeling!

The Bayer Softcel History

Bayer Memory Foam uses the same technology developed by NASA’s top engineers, and is the perfect example of first-rate, high-density, durable memory foam.

How Does Bayer Memory Foam Work?

Bayer Softcel Memory Foam is temperature sensitive, which means the material recognizes changes in temperature, and responds accommodating areas of the body which feel “warmer”. This warmth is generated by pressure and thus memory foam becomes pressure reducing. Softcel is viscoelastic foam, which means the material features an elastic property when it senses higher temperatures.

Why Sleep on a Mattress with Bayer Softcel Memory Foam

* Pressure Reduction: Because the heatsensitive technology of Bayer Memory Foam conforms to your size, shape, and weight, there is no pressure on the contact points that generally “weigh down” on traditional spring mattresses and lowquality memory foams.
* Reduced Tossing and Turning: Tossing and turning is typically caused by the body’s need to remove pressure from common contact points like shoulders, hips, and heels. Because that pressure is virtually eliminated on mattresses that feature Bayer Memory Foam, the tossing and turning will end!
* Zero-Motion Transfer: When your partner decides to get into bed after you or get up while you’re still sleeping, you’ll never know. That’s because the highdensity Bayer Memory Foam absorbs the motion, leaving your side of the bed still and quiet.

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