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Sensus Memory Foam Rated “Best Overall Memory Foam” by The Wall Street Journal

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

These are just a few of the reasons that Sensus was rated best overall memory foam by the Wall Street Journal, even compared to Tempur Pedic brand memory foam. Discover why Rocky Mountain Mattress customers are more pleased with their Sensus brand memory foam, even if they have purchased a Tempur Pedic in the past.

The high-density Sensus memory foam offers a premium, luxurious sleeping experience for individuals who seek the ultimate in comfort and quality from their mattress. Sensus memory foam has a density of five pounds, and is available in 2, 3, and 4 inch profiles. Check out what sets Sensus apart from other memory foams:

Long Lasting

Because Sensus foam is such a high-quality product, mattress toppers made from the foam can last years’ longer than other mattress toppers. Even after years and years of use, Sensus mattress toppers maintain their shape – no need to worry about body impressions, dips, and bumps. In fact, the Sensus memory foam is backed by the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty. If at any time during the first decade of use the Sensus mattress topper loses its shape or develops body impressions, it will be replaced.

Temperature Sensitivity

While it’s true that all memory foams are by nature heat-sensitive, there are varying degrees of sensitivity. Because Sensus mattress toppers are manufactured with a more even cell structure, they are more fluidly responsive to body temperatures. When you change positions as you sleep, Sensus mattress toppers will immediately respond with soft, comfortable support. A lot of times when we wake up in the night, we don’t know what it is that causes us to awake. In many cases, it’s caused by pressure, heat,

Memory & Compression

Sensus is made through a patented process that creates a more even cell structure throughout the foam. The result is an dense, quality foam that takes up to four times longer to return to its original shape than competitors’ memory foam products. Sensus foam also has a longer memory, creating an individualized sleeping experience that reduces the pressure on your head, shoulders, hips, ankles, and other pressure points without losing its memory foam properties.

See Sensus memory foam in action in this video:

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