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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Foamex Memory Foam

March 17th, 2008

Foamex Memory Foam

Foamex is the leading manufacturer of quality memory foam products, including a full line of premiere, high-quality mattress toppers. The Foamex company holds more than 225 patents as a result of its 25 year history of developing, designing, and manufacturing memory foam products. Foamex offers several options for memory foam mattress toppers, and backs all with a 10 year warranty. Check out these top Foamex mattress toppers.

Aerus Memory Foam

Aerus memory foam was specifically designed for individuals who find typical memory foam products create a sleep experience that is just too warm. Aerus was manufactured with a revolutionary open-cell design that allows air to flow more freely through the material, which pulls moisture and heat away from the sleeper. The result is a night of sleep that is cool, dry, and uninterrupted.

Energia Memory Foam

Energia Memory Foam

Those seeking a truly customized sleep experience may welcome the different Energia options provided by Foamex. Energia memory foam is available in three different densities – plush 3 pound, firm 4 pound, and extra firm 5 pound – as well as three heights – 2, 3, and 4 inch profiles. This range of choices allows consumers to choose the exact density and height level that works best for their size, sleeping patterns, and density desires. In fact, Energia memory foam is ideal either as a mattress topper for an existing mattress system, or as a core component to a custom memory foam sleep system.

Sensus Memory Foam

Sensus Memory Foam

When durability matters most, look no farther than Foamex’s Sensus memory foam. The incredibly durable Sensus memory foam keeps its shape longer than other memory foam products, and takes up to four times as long to return to its original shape after compression. Sensus was designed to last for years and comes with a 10 year warranty. The Sensus cell design is a fluid cell structure that is more supportive than competing foams even when changing position during sleep. In fact, Sensus was named the “Best Overall” memory foam in an independent study by the Wall Street Journal. (WSJ, March 24, 2006).

Venus Memory Foam

Venus Memory Foam

Considered to be the most luxurious product in a line of luxury memory foam mattress toppers, Venus is North America’s first super-dense memory foam. With an eight pound density and three different profiles available, Venus offers one of the most comfortable sleep experiences imaginable with superior support and comfort.

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